Replatforming and Productimize Ultimate Migration

One-to-One Guidance From Discovery To Launch

Whether you’re looking to move from Fluid, Artifi, Liquid Pixels, Spectrum Customizer, Smart Customizer, or your internal custom-built solution - with Productimize, you get more than a state-of-the-art product configurator and customization management solution that scales with you.


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Change is not easy. Not a hard thing either.

The world advances every minute, and people tend to migrate towards seeking newer things and experiences. Usually, companies keep the migration and customization process on hold while on a success streak. The most essential thing is to realize that migration and re-platforming can enhance your success rate even more. It can even ramp up your current revenue.

Migration is worth all the effort, and it can give customers an unparalleled shopping and product configuration experience.

Now that you have decided to do it, what’s next?


Where do I begin?

Start onboarding your customers on to Productimize in just 6 weeks. Really, it’s that simple.

Talk to an expert



Your search for the best product configurator platform, which also offers seamless re-platforming, will land you here. Our product team will explain how we differ from others by offering accessible and exclusive re-platforming features, ensuring the entire process from making the decision to delivering the end-product is nothing short of a delight.



Take a virtual tour of our journey and process, as we shed light on the benefits of re-platforming with Productimize. Once on-board, we will assess your target audience and come up with a plan for what works and what doesn’t, what kind of styles can be embedded to maximize the growth revenue of your firm, and help you to connect directly with all the major enterprise eCommerce platforms, including SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce, Magento Commerce, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce.



Now that you have knocked on our door and have taken the journey of understanding, you’re just one step away from making re-platforming happen in a quick, deliverable time. All the backend work (data migrations, extensions conversion, customer data support, order management dashboard, multi-store, multilingual and multi-currency support, 3D product visualization, etc.) will be taken care of by us. We will make sure that when the site goes live, the whole shopping experience will be a completely seamless experience. Let the design delight the users.



After the core of migration is done, our team will help you with data support, imbibing features, theme customization, and more. We provide easy set-up, a shorter implementation timeline, and a proven 15% faster response rate than other leading customization solutions. You will decide the outlay of the site, the colors based on your preferences, adjust priorities, choose visually appealing themes and enrich the whole view of the site, list your products, and you are just a few steps from completing the re-platforming process.


Set Go

After multiple test runs and the identification of any bugs, your site is all set to go. Now that everything has been completed, developed, checked and rechecked, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for – to see the entire site go live. With Productimize re-platforming and integration in the backend, the design is based on the tastes and preferences of the customer, with a seamless and simple UI designed to delight every shopper.

The Productimize tool has been a great solution to our website’s customization and personalization needs. The ability to customize and go beyond the scope of expectations has been an impressive feat. I believe we are truly pushing the boundaries of UI/UX with what we are trying to achieve and Productimize is at the core of it all. It’s seamless integration to our Shopify shopping site and backend user interface capabilities have given us control over all the robust features we are trying to offer without being locked into the need of developer support to make simple changes and updates. This is key to the scalability of our growth and progression towards future iterations.

Wes Toyofuku
Sr. Director of eCommerce,

Glimpses of Migration

When you migrate to Productimize you’re in safe hands. Migrating your entire customization solution is not easy. We get that.

  • Deliverables, timelines will be communicated with your technical crew.
  • Entire data migration from the existing site will be taken care of by us.
  • Extensions already in place will not be hindered, not even a bit.
  • Quick loading and response even when used via mobiles.
  • Platform training to help make and add changes anytime by yourself.
  • Zero-glitch migration and priority support anytime you need it, just a call away.
  • Above all, ensuring everything will function seamlessly.

8-12 Weeks

Start to launch in just 8 to 12 weeks


Implementation and data migration

Zero Downtime

Zero-glitch migration and priority support


Productimize strictly adhere to the international data security standard. We deliver enterprise-class security and compliance to you and your customers through every interaction.

Migrate to Productimize ULTIMATE and supercharge your enterprise platform

Leading manufacturers worldwide are using Productimize to connect with their customers. Talk to one of our eCommerce solution specialists to see how Productimize can leverage your B2B / B2C business.