$ 99 Per Month
Self Onboarding
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    Unlimited Products

  • multiple_attribute_online_product_customization

    Multiple Attributes

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    Text Monogram

  • dynamic_pricing-online-product-customization

    Dynamic Pricing

  • inventory-management-online-product-customization

    Custom Sales < $5K/month

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    Mobile Responsive

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    Order Management

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    Multiple Views

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" It's not often that I've worked with a company that I could really recommend, but I couldn't speak highly enough of the Productimize team. We gave them a real challenge to get everything working for us, and they delivered on that promise in the best possible way - with a great product, delivered on time! "

James Dunford eCommerce and Operations Director - Abbott Lyon, UK

frequently asked questions

What do one time setup fee covers?

The one-time setup fee includes a complete productimize implementation for one or two products onto your online store, provided that you choose any of the in-house designed UI layout. However, if you want your own design or any other additional features, then a tailor-made cost would be applicable and will be shared upon inquiry.

Why should I choose productimize instead of building on my own?

You can build your own customization software from scratch where you have to invest considerable amount of time and money. Total Cost of Ownership of Productimize is very less. Since Productimize is a SaaS based model, the choice of pricing models aligns with your business needs.

What kind of customizations do you provide and what platforms do you support?

Productimize is a highly flexible application that offers end-to-end customization. Currently, we support Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Extending support to other popular platforms are in the product roadmap.

What industry do you serve, who are your current customers?

We have customers in varied industries like Jewelry, Kitchenware Appliances, Apparel, Sports, etc. We're not industry specific. Productimize can be used on any eCommerce platform where product customization is required.

I already have a customization solution, how can i compare your product with mine?

Does your website load fast?
Does your customized solution scalable?
Does your Cart and Order management handles customized attributes?
If your answer is 'No' to any one of the above questions, then you have a website performance or a customization challenge. Productimize can help you to address these challenges.

How do I install productimize? Can I uninstall it later if I don't like it?

Productimize is a plug and play solution and can go live in any eCommerce platform in a 14-day period. We help you to install it and if things change in the future you can always uninstall it.

How do you handle the backend, do you store the images on your own server?

Productimize is installed on the backend of your own eCommerce store platform (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc). Only the business logics is handled by us in AWS. Images are stored on your own server in the backend.

How do you handle the data, will my data be secure?

We use AWS, and have a 99.99% of uptime. Your data is safe and secure.

How long will it take for a fresh Productimize implementation onto my store?

14-days. Our technical team can help you to implement product customization in your online store. We also take additional customization and UI change requests. Whether you are a SME or an enterprise, our solutions are highly customizable and impeccably tailored befitting your business needs.

Will you help me in building a new eCommerce store?

Yes. DCKAP is the parent company of Productimize and we've been building eCommerce storefronts since 2008. We are known for developing highly stable and efficient eCommerce websites that drive revenue to retailers in many folds.