With You was founded as a tribute to a daughter’s love for her father. Founder Mikki Glass lost her father to brain cancer when she (and he) were far too young. When Mikki’s sister decided to marry, it occurred to Mikki that she wanted to find a way for her sister to include their beloved father in her wedding ceremony.


The heartbreak abated with each locket she created for others. But the idea of carrying him with her in some way remained.” And with that, Mikki decided to formally launch With You. The company takes pride and pleasure in each piece and in ensuring that clients are pleased with the result. With You Founders want the stories of the family to tumble down through the generations.


Mikki and Troy believe that in honoring a loved one in creating a custom photo locket, a family history is preserved. We all have unidentified pictures of people framed and buried deep within chests of drawers. When they are inevitably discovered they have a story to tell. A mystery, sometimes. But here they are – contained in a locket necklace charm – evidence of their existence.


Withyoulockets has been selling custom products for a while now. The one thing that’s always been a hurdle to them is the user experience on the engraved products. As an outcome, their sales got affected which made them realize the store has to reconfigure to a better customization engine. The new vendor has to be an expert in product customization, personalization and, someone who understands the Jewelry industry. The vision is to provide a better solution and an error-free platform for the consumers.


Withyoulockets chose to go with a SaaS-based platform, Productimize, as its custom configurator solution to resolve their current concerns and to have an intuitive user experience primarily based on the brand guidelines. The first thing Productimize did is to ensure the complex customization engine to be made simple with a better user flow. Now, withyoulockets have an option for the customers to customize their lockets and upload the artwork/logo with custom gift wrapper messages. Within a few weeks after the custom configurator solution had gone live Withyoulockets started gaining the lost revenue and witnessed better sales figures.

Creating Cards - Personal, Easy, and Convenient

Sending Gift cards with a personal touch through an e-Commerce website is always a challenge for both customers and merchants. Printing Gift cards and stamps being a primary business for StationeryXpress had the same challenges. After several lookups for solutions, they found Productimize which they felt can resolve most of their complex custom solutions and business challenges.

Key Business Requests

  • Simplify customization steps
  • Visually appealing for the customers
  • Manage complex pricing rules
  • Specific fonts selection
  • Handle ink colors for the text
  • Gift Wrapping

Key Features


Through Productimize, we designed a simpler process which eliminates the steps that are redundant. Productimize provided a natural user flow for the customers to follow the customization steps and understand business rules.


Customers can upload logos on both the front and back sides of the locket. The files can be uploaded from the local folder or through social media. Social Media file upload through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos is enabled so that users can log-in and build lockets from their own photo album.


Our goal was simple - provide the best User Experience so that the customers can easily understand the customization steps and place an order. The flexibility of Productimize allowed us to configure the UI and the visuals easily for both customers and merchant.


Wihtyoulockets let the customers choose their own size of the lockets and customers can pick the different metals ranging from Silver to Gold and Rose Gold.


The customer has been given the option to name their product with their own name/wordings which will be used for the Gift wrapper label.


Productimize provided the merchant with full flexibility of generating high-quality print-ready label file with the customer customization on the backend, which made the merchant’s printing process easier which leads to timely delivery and customer satisfaction.




Custom Products

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Increase in sales

Key Features

Multi Color Choices

Conditional Options

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