Customized mugs for your near and dear ones.


Undercover Mugs envisions a future in need of more avenues for self-expression and connection. Even an item as simple as a personalized coffee mug can stand for something special, and it can be shared with someone they want to be in contact with for a very long time.


Founded in 2013, Undercover Mugs has evolved to fulfill its mission of helping clients leave a unique and personalized impression on mugs. Many B2B businesses and other organizations, such as museums, gift shops, and even newlyweds, have seen the value in Undercover Mugs and have appreciated the quality of their products.


According to a study by Deloitte, “70% of customers are willing to pay more for a customized product”. The rise of product customization can be felt everywhere. This gen of online shoppers don’t want to just shop; they want to create things for themselves. In such circumstances, felt the need to optimize product customization in order to enhance their brand. Below are some of the hurdles they faced:

  • Satisfying customer tastes have always been difficult
  • Not able to target the millennials
  • Troubles establishing a humane connect with the brand
  • Wanted to keep up with market trends
  • Complications in viewing different sides of the mug
  • No option to add text, image, or color
  • Solution

    Our team at Productimize spent a considerable amount of time in understanding the business of Undercover Mugs, their target audience, and market positioning. Only after an in-depth analysis, Productimize started to design product attributes keeping in mind the current trends, tastes and preferences of the shoppers. In less than a month’s time, we were able to delight the client by integrating with the below features:

  • Visually appealing customization page and UI
  • Ability to add text, images, and changes to mug colors
  • Real-time display of the designing process
  • 38 types of mugs and glassware available for customization
  • The final design to be sent as a print ready file to Undercover Mugs
  • Ability to share cool designs with your friends
  • box-cards-cup-908296

    Creating Cards - Personal, Easy, and Convenient

    Sending Gift cards with a personal touch through an e-Commerce website is always a challenge for both customers and merchants. Printing Gift cards and stamps being a primary business for StationeryXpress had the same challenges. After several lookups for solutions, they found Productimize which they felt can resolve most of their complex custom solutions and business challenges.

    Key Business Requests

    • Simplify customization steps
    • Visually appealing for the customers
    • Manage complex pricing rules
    • Specific fonts selection
    • Handle ink colors for the text
    • Gift Wrapping

    Key Features

    Real-Time Display

    The inputs which the user enters, such as text, colors, and the image will be displayed real-time in the same screen where customization happens. This way, it gives customers an immediate choice to either carry on with the design or to modify further, as per their refinements.

    Add Text With Multi Fonts

    Customers are provided with a feature to add a personalized message on the mugs. They can choose their favorite font from the varied options available. Customers can also select the color of the text and change it based on their preference.

    Add Image

    Nothing brings more happiness than seeing an image we love on a thing we own. Productimize integrated an image feature that can be added as a Wrap Around on the mug. This isn’t the end; customers can also attach an image on the bottom of the mug.

    Print Ready Files

    Once the customization is done, the final image design will be sent directly as a (.tiff) file to Undercover Mugs, following which the image can be processed towards creating the product. This feature benefits the customer by consuming less-time, and it ensures a smooth shopping experience.

    Easy User Interface

    Design is not just about aesthetics. It’s the art of making things usable — be it an app, a website or a simple everyday object like a chair. Productimize designed a UI which is serene and simple, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

    Share With Your Friends

    What is happiness, if not shared with your friends? The final design image can be shared with your friends to show how awesome your customized mug looks. A separate file will be sent to the email you enter, apart from the one that goes to Undercover Mugs.



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