Sseko Designs is a “not-just-for-profit” e-commerce fashion brand. It has the vision to promote ethical fashion among the millennials and others with a conspicuous motive to support teenage women in Uganda. The brand employs high potential Ugandan women to make beautiful sandals, thereby providing a means to pay for college education, to pursue their dreams, and to become women leaders in an empowering way.
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Flight (IDSTC – International Direct Selling Technology Corp) Platform is a brand new eCommerce software in the market. It is a cloud-based enterprise Direct Sales, MLM, and Party Plan Software, enabling companies to accelerate onboarding of new Sales Reps, enhancing multi-channel eCommerce through better user experiences. Since this software is relatively fresh, developers are vying to get a grasp, as only a few documentation is available and limited technical aid for 3rd party integrations. However, customization is not feasible with Flight platform right now.


Also, the sessions should be handled based on availability, or we need to create one if it isn’t available and should be synced with Flight platform. Getting order reports from Flight platform once an order is completed and generating reports for Productimize products is a challenge in itself. Integration hurdles were aplenty for us, but with a right team in place, it was well within grasp.


From the moment Productimize stepped in, we wanted to give an enduring shopper experience using product configurator, and all the challenges had to be resolved. Utilizing WordPress admin features, we created possibilities to manage products for productimize and have created productimize pages using WordPress pages during which Productimize API’s helped to implement the customize options.


Once the customization is done, we utilized flight API’s to send the data to cart. Based on flight structure in PLP page, CARTID will be created which in turn would be used for total flow. But since customizations can’t be done in PLP page, we had to develop CARTID (in case it is not available) and made it sync with the full flow.


The various technologies used in this integration are WordPress (PHP), jQuery, CURL, Rest API’s.


Creating Cards - Personal, Easy, and Convenient

Sending Gift cards with a personal touch through an e-Commerce website is always a challenge for both customers and merchants. Printing Gift cards and stamps being a primary business for StationeryXpress had the same challenges. After several lookups for solutions, they found Productimize which they felt can resolve most of their complex custom solutions and business challenges.

Key Business Requests

  • Simplify customization steps
  • Visually appealing for the customers
  • Manage complex pricing rules
  • Specific fonts selection
  • Handle ink colors for the text
  • Gift Wrapping

Key Features

Visual Appeal

The whole process of designing, from choosing the footbed until zeroing in size is a visually appealing journey. Not just the on the footwear under design, Productimize strives to keep it visually enhancing on each level.

Engrave Name

With this newest addition, you can add your name on the footwear you are designing. This feature is handy just below the final outing. Name on things we love to make those products more personal and special.

Real Time Output

Watch the change happen. Every little edit which is utilized during the product customization proposition is instantly displayed on the PC/mobile screen thus furnishing a real-time output of the look and feel of the product.

Image Rendering

All the images when prepared are rendered to Sseko thereby giving a hassle-free passageway for the company to make progress with things. For instance, the image is rendered with the right leather texture which the shopper chooses.

Select Size and Color

Shoppers can now pick the size which fits and the color of their choice from the vast array of options available. Not just those, footbed, front and ankle strap, heel style and sole color can also be customized per buyers tastes and preferences.

Dynamic Pricing

Prices are classified in lieu with the various attributes which differ from product to product. A simple plugin will enable this dynamic pricing option based on what the customer desires to customize.

What The Client Said

“Working with the team at Productimize has been an extraordinary experience. We came to them with a complicated project and they surpassed our expectations with their ability to bring a complex system to life with a simple UI. They went above and beyond to complete the project on a tight deadline and were a delight to work with. Excited to get this re-launched on the new platform. I know the Flight team's CEO passed around the project to the entire company to show what was possible with Productimize. We're thrilled to have found them and plan to continue to work with this fantastic team!”

Ben BohannonCEO {co-dreamer} - Sseko, USA



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