Profile has been in the pencil industry for over 100 years, and are the industry’s leading wood supplier. Being an innovator in marketing, the company later expanded its industry expertise to provide durable writing pencils of top-notch quality. With a Shopify Plus powered site, they grabbed a place for themselves in the market, using periodic and substantial innovations to stay ahead of the trends, and providing a smooth digital commerce experience for the shoppers who want to customize pencils.
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Challenge was looking to expand their customization options, so their customers could design pencils the way they wanted to. By increasing the level of creative control for the buyers, it would enhance the brand in unimaginable ways.

  • Needed customizable pencils for customers all around the world and on all platforms
  • Wanted to provide extensive creative options for the buyers
  • Offered two kinds of pencils with limited customization options
  • Round Pencils – Offered one simple line of text, not displayed in real time
  • Hex Pencils – Offered three kinds of wood, but no colors/fonts or customization


Productimize was handed the task of transforming the long-lived dream of into a reality. As a team that takes up every project just as we would our own, we loved working towards this goal. Read on to see how we analyzed, envisioned, and delivered a project that is a class apart.

  • Customized the pencils with the most attractive and visually appealing designs
  • Made it so changes appear on the screen instantly, and edits can be done quickly
  • Delivered a site that works seamlessly across all platforms and devices
  • Round Pencils – We integrated three lines of silky stylized text with customizable colors/fonts, and added an option for a mascot
  • Hex Pencils – Along with the option for three types of wood, we included an engraved style text and customizable colors

We’re happy to say that was extremely happy with the customization. Indeed, every project is a learning experience for us, and this was a special one for Productimize.



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Key Features

Custom user interface

User friendly website

Real time edit display

Text Input and its colors


Multiple font choices


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