Numo is a manufacturer and supplier of highly customizable promotional products. Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1962, for many years Numo’s primary product line consisted of wooden nickels, hence the Numo name.


Over time the company ceased to manufacture wooden coins and expanded into new lines including beverage insulators, bank bags, ceramic and glass beverageware, travel mugs, floor mats, and cooler bags.


Shopping trends are on a transformation spree. Going fast are the days when customers choose from the products that exist. Forthcoming are the days when customers themselves don the hats of creators and designers to create products ‘exactly’ the way that satisfies them.

Our client, Numo, also wanted to offer an immersive experience to their customers, so they are more-than-excited to buy products that connect them on a personal and emotional level. It was game time: to customize Numo into an online shopping center where every minute spent by the customer would be an enjoyable process.

However, in the process of doing so, there were a few earlier barricades that had to be moved to give the vision of the oasis Productimize promised. Firstly, they are new to real-time product customization. They were manufacturing their products, and the edits can only be seen by the customer when their product packages arrive. The final design file could not be downloaded.


Productimize was bestowed with the opportunity to create an impressive customization page to Numo, using which any of their customers could envision and decide how the products they are going to buy should look like. We set out to give as many compelling designs as possible to the shoppers.

One thing that we are sure from day one was the UI had to be seamless and less-confusing. Because only if the user flow is uninterrupted, the buying process would be engaging. Else, the tables turn around. Thereby, we designed an intuitive user interface for the shoppers to spend as much time they want leisurely shopping without any glitches.

On the whole, 378 products of Numo were made available for customization by Productimize. All the 378 products were integrated with a diverse set of choices and features to make the products visually appealing. The edits can also be applied to a bundle of products at once. Most likely to be preferred by companies who want their products to be of similar quality, color, and so on.


Creating Cards - Personal, Easy, and Convenient

Sending Gift cards with a personal touch through an e-Commerce website is always a challenge for both customers and merchants. Printing Gift cards and stamps being a primary business for StationeryXpress had the same challenges. After several lookups for solutions, they found Productimize which they felt can resolve most of their complex custom solutions and business challenges.

Key Business Requests

  • Simplify customization steps
  • Visually appealing for the customers
  • Manage complex pricing rules
  • Specific fonts selection
  • Handle ink colors for the text
  • Gift Wrapping

Key Features

Color Change

The colors shoppers want, on the products they want. Shoppers can choose and fix what color should come on the product from a myriad of options.

Download Final Output

Want to see how the final design of a product looks? The file can be downloaded in .png or .pdf, which helps both sellers and buyers.

Link Share

Not sure how this design looks? Want some suggestions, maybe? Or some time to design later? Share the link and continue from where it was paused.

Upload Logo

It is a surreal feeling to see our logo on our products. Build your own brand. Spread awareness. Increase recall value. And spread the word.

Enhanced Text Features

Some like it simple—some, sleek. Whatever way customers desire, we got it covered - choose and apply from a wide range of text fonts and features.


Buying multiple products? The design process is easier. Choose a color, fix the text, and with one click, design multiple products with the same background.



Customizable Products



Key Features

Multi Color Choices

Conditional Options

Overlay Images

Custom Order Export

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