Connec Outdoors is the outcome of earnestness and eagerness from founders of Garneau, a thriving sporting goods manufacturer based out of Quebec. All that Garneau family envisioned was a brand-new line of clothing to please the wanderlust in people, especially the ones interested in hunting, fishing, and backpacking. They wanted to sell customized outdoor apparels under Connec Outdoors.


Connec Outdoors approached us to build a brand-new eCommerce store for them along with a custom configurator solution. DCKAP handled the former in Shopify, while the latter implementation, handled by Productimize, allowed Connec to sell customized hunting and fishing apparels


The DCKAP team worked alongside Connec to help their customers choose and customize apparels that are in harmony with their needs and tastes. The key goal of the website is to provide the customer with the freedom to customize or configure their hunting apparels by selecting the colors based on the season and upload their logo along with their initials or name.



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What The Client Said

Website is so awesome. I’m so excited! You can be proud. Very good work!

Edouard GarneauAssistant Sales Manager - CONNEC

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