Since its inception in 2014, Abbott Lyon has been on a mission to bring stylish and luxury products at affordable prices. Inspired by fashionistas around the globe, Abbott Lyon offers premium quality, award-winning products across a range of categories from leather goods, women’s watches, jewelry, and eyewear.


Although their customers were happy and their product sales were successful, Abbott Lyon noticed there was room for improvement. Abbott Lyon wanted to stay way ahead of the competition by offering more premium products to their customers. They decided to try and boost customer satisfaction by providing customized and personalized products – instead of just “Put a ring on it,” they wished to “Put a ring with a name on it.” They envisioned a line of products where people could engrave names and symbols to create meaningful, high-quality gifts for their loved ones, and they wanted to make it quick and easy for their customers to do so.


With Productimize as a cloud-based custom configurator, Abbott Lyon was able to delight their customers with a unique set of customizable products – rings, bracelets, watches, and more. Productimize allows users to see a close-up view of what their personalized product will look like, making them more likely to purchase these items and ensuring that they will be pleased with the end results. From the very first day of launch, the customized products were a hit. Within a couple of months, Abbott Lyon came back to us for other two global market of theirs – USA and Europe. We helped them to upsell premium versions of every jewelry product possible, aiding in their growth as a company and their increase in loyal, lifelong customers.



Custom Products




Increase in conversion

Key Features

Custom user interface

Text Input

Monogram Input

Multiple font choices

What The Client Said

“ It's not often that I've worked with a company that I could really recommend, but I couldn't speak highly enough of the Productimize team. We gave them a real challenge to get everything working for us, and they delivered on that promise in the best possible way - with a great product, delivered on time! “

James DunfordHead of eCommerce and Operations - Abbott Lyon, UK

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