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Integration is becoming more important due to the accelerating advances in automation technology, as well as the associated need to simplify processes for comfortable management. An integrated system will streamline your operations, reduce costs, and ensure efficiency.

Nowadays, businesses need one system and one User Interface that will access all applications and fetch or process data. Integration is usually technology driven and includes diverse verticals of automation, which is required in many industries for the scope of applications from design, manufacturing, production, research and development, testing, and validation.

Benefits of Integration


Integration software helps you store and compile all elements in one place. This lessens the need for having to stream transversely in different areas to search for things, and test what operates with the site and streams.

Increase Conversion

Conversion is when a visitor visits your site and completes a pre-desired set action (such as signing up for a newsletter, social media campaign, buying something, etc.). Integration helps to boost conversion when multiple systems are conjoined with our own.

Hassle Free

With small iterative changes, the integration to a new version is much easier because the users are eased into the changes instead of having to learn a new version of the software all at once.

Saves Time

When you integrate software, most of the functions are enhanced technologically with automation, thus increasing productivity and giving employees more time to spend their energies productively. Another benefit is code re-usability, where existing codes can be reused rather than consuming time with more code writing. Not having to worry about this problem and concentrating on the functionality of the code results in extraordinary quality.

3D Product Configurator

Some trends stay. Some change. 3D Product Customization is the new wave of change that will transform the way customers shop. This integration allows shoppers to see a 360-degree view of the product, including intricate details and the tiniest edges, giving the best shopping experience to the buyer and with full engagement as they design their desired product.

Simple UI

Achieving integration means having a simple interface with other software and providing a fully integrated system to the IT infrastructure of a commercial entity.

Seamless Exchange of Data

Product information, test reports, technical information, currently written codes, upgrading content, and so on. Whatever the need is for the exchange of data, it can be done efficiently and conveniently.

Secure Data

The data customers enter while using the product configurator will not be cached in any of our systems. Only you will be able to access this data, including customer information, product edits, and revisions. Consequently, the data will be fully guarded.

Platforms We Support

Productimize integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms in the market, all who strive to provide a seamless user experience to the customer.

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