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For high volume enterprises looking to scale their customization business.




Launch Duration 6-8 Weeks 12-16 Weeks
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Orders
Text setting / Monogramming UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Custom / Dynamic Pricing Options
Mobile Responsive UI/UX
Order Management Dashboard
Image Upload
Clip-Art Images
White-label Solution
Multi-Language, Multi-Store & Multi-Currencies Support
Start Over – UNDO / REDO
Save For Later
Link Sharing
Social Sharing
Product Image Rendering
Free Drawing
User-Generated Content Validation
Image Validation
Print Ready Files (PNG, TIFF, JPEG, VECTOR/EPS)
UX Of Choice Without Compromising Brand Guidelines
Custom Platform Support
Inventory/Material Management
360-Degree / 3D Product View
Intensive Design and Kick-Off Strategy
Advanced Training
Migration To Different Platforms
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Custom Product Sales Analytics
Request Pricing Request Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Productimize? What industries do you serve?

Productimize is a product customization and personalization solution that allows you to configure the custom products in your eCommerce backend. Our services span across various verticals including (but not limited to) – Jewelry, apparels, kitchenware appliances, fashion, footwear, stationeries, home decors, sports and more.

What eCommerce platforms do you support?

Currently, we support Magento, Salesforce Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Hybris. Productimize also supports custom eCommerce platform integrations. If you’re one of them, contact us for a custom solution tailored to your online store.

Why should I choose Productimize instead of building on my own?

To build a customization software/engine from scratch you may need heavy investment and a considerable amount of time. Total Cost of Ownership on Productimize is less and the ROI can be measured within the first 6 months. The choice of pricing models also aligns with your business needs.

What if I already have a customization page, how can I compare your product with mine?

  • Does your website load fast?
  • Is your current solution scalable?
  • Does your Cart and Order management handle customized attributes?

If your answer is ‘No’ to any one of the above questions, then you have a website performance or a customization challenge. Productimize can help you to address these challenges. We’re a highly scalable solution and can also help you to migrate all your current features to Productimize without losing the valuable data.

What is your turnaround time to integrate Productimize?

Productimize team will do an initial discovery and based on the complexity of custom features and the number of products we can launch in 2-4 months.

How do you handle the product images, do you store them on your own server?

Productimize is going to be a native app within your eCommerce platform, the images are stored, and processed within your own server.

How do you handle the 3D product images?

Currently, Productimize accepts 3D images on GLB, GLTF, FBX and OBJ file formats.

How do you handle the data, will my data be secure?

Yes! Productimize is hosted on AWS and have 99.99% up-time. Our team constantly monitors the performance, and we ensure your data is safe and secure.

Laser engraving - we don't offer color printing, how do you handle the custom graphics?

Yes, we automatically convert custom graphics images into black and white scale.

Once the customer places the order, what information does Productimize send to us?

Productimize passes all the custom information to your eCommerce store backend (like how the non-customized products works) with additional custom data.

Does Productimize handle the wholesale pricing and volume discounts?

Yes, minimum quantities, discounts, and custom pricing can be configured in Productimize. Let’s say instead of $39 per product if someone orders in bulk (100 products), a discounted rate of $33 per product can be configured within the app. However, for platforms like Shopify, we will be using a third party app to handle discounts based on the quantity, since Shopify handles everything within the platform.

How do you handle the copyright infringement (Copyright images)?

We use third-party apps to validate the user-generated content. Productimize offers both image and text content validation. Learn more about it here.

Do you offer Print-ready file?

Yes, the Print ready file can be generated from the backend under Productimize app. Currently, we provide print-ready files in EPS (Vector), TIFF, PDF and PNG formats

Is the vector file format instantaneous or do you manipulate anything in the backend?

For an easy printing process, the vector files are generated in the backend separately based on the requirements (with or without base product images) in a high-resolution format. The system will not manipulate any data and the actual images will only be sent to the back-end.

Can we setup custom parameters of how large the file size and dimensions, etc need to be?

Yes, Productimize allows you to set custom parameters like file size and file formats, etc.

Does Productimize have a separate check-out process outside of the eCommerce platform?

No. We follow the regular checkout process, order processing and payments occur within the platform.

Do you also integrate Productimize with our existing ERP?

Yes. If you already don’t have inventory management, Productimize Ultimate offers eCommerce-ERP integration assistance.

How does your pricing works?

Productimize customers pay a one-time On-boarding fee to get started and a monthly or annual SAAS licensing fee from Go-Live. The onboarding includes custom UI design (based on your brand guidelines), integration, custom product features, number of initial products, and training.

Kick off Strategy –> Freeze the User Experience Design –> Setting up the custom products in the app based on the appropriate design and brand guidelines –> Testing, Launch inspection and Training –> Go Live.

Do you also charge based on number of transactions?

Nope 🙂 We hate transaction-based fee as much as you do. PERIOD. Our pricing is a flat monthly licensing fee per domain and we don’t charge based on the number of products or orders or transactions.

I do not have an eCommerce store? Will you help me build one along with Productimize?

Yes. We have a team of certified developers, solution specialists that can handle both fresh eCommerce implementation and migration. We’re a Magento professional solutions partner, Shopify Plus partner and BigCommerce certified partner.


Productimize strictly adhere to the international data security standard. We deliver enterprise-class security and compliance to you and your customers through every interaction.

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