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Product Customization plays a key role in the apparel industry. It’s a digital era and the industry has to be upgraded and following the latest trends. To stay ahead of the competition and to stay updated, retailers are evolving to start integrating the apparel customization software and handling the manufacturing and personalization of the apparels as per the consumer requirements.

Consumers wanted to buy the clothes as per their interest and likings. After the custom apparel design software has been introduced, it is now easy for printing firms to elevate the fashion industry.

It’s getting popular that consumers are learning more about the customization through various online retailers and are really interested in buying custom apparels. Shoppers want to buy the bespoke/made-to-measure custom apparels (This includes suits, shirts, etc for men and skirts, top, etc for women).

Apparel Customization Software – Key Features


What if you really have a solution that is simple as such and allows you to configure the custom suits on your eCommerce back-end without logging into a separate system to manage the custom products? Productimize lets you handle and configure everything from your own online store.


  • User Experience design based on the brand guidelines
  • Responsive layout that works seamlessly across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobiles of different sizes.
  • Preview of the custom products that shoppers can visualize including Jacket, Trousers, and Vest
  • Library: Fabric libraries can be added/defined in the backend along with custom pricing and inventory management
  • Multi-language, multi-store and multi-currencies support
  • 360-degree product view with Zoom options
  • Custom attributes – Various attributes like Styles, Multiple views, Sleeves, Pockets, Buttons, Vent for Jacket, Vest and Trouser can be defined.
  • Monogramming – Text can be added (one or more based on the need) and embroidery styles can be visualized on the suit
  • Order flow – Once the fabric, attribute styles are selected, the final step is to pick the body type, size, and place the order. The cart page will have all the custom options that are selected along with any custom image uploads.


Personalized handbags are always a fashion statement. With different sizes, shapes, and materials consumer can buy a unique personalized bag based on their taste. Productimize helps you to design and provides a real-time engagement and give freedom of design choice to the consumers for them to create their own style. The personalized bag will also include text / monogramming and a leather texture with an embroidery visualization.

Apparel Customization SoftwareFeatures:

  • Mobile-responsive design and product detail page
  • Support for multi-languages, multi-currencies, and multi-store
  • Selection of different attributes, and styles
  • Different views including front, back, side, top and lower panel of the bag along with the shoulder strap and pouches, etc
  • Different type leather fabrics can be added as an image or a hexadecimal code. Rendering can also be done to bring the leather visualization.
  • 360-degree view along with zoom-in and zoom-out option.
  • Uploading the images / art-work from social media
  • Save the design to the account and Share the same through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Monogramming – Text input includes font styles, colors, etc.
  • Start over – At any time if the consumer wanted to start-over they can erase and start fresh which also includes UNDO & REDO.
  • Personalized designs can be emailed or downloaded
  • Print ready files – Once the order is placed Productimize will trigger a print ready file (in EPS, PDF, TIFF, PNG, etc) to the order page, which you can directly use it for the manufacturing purposes.


The major concern for any tailoring business is to offer a seamless custom configurator solution. Productimize allows you to configure products with style, fabric, etc in your eCommerce store backend.


  • Responsive Layout – Our design works seamlessly across all devices and gives users a consistent user experience irrespective of the mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Different views of the attributes including front, back, side, folded, collar and cuff.
  • Styles can be defined for various attributes – starting from the collar to cuffs, pockets, sleeve length, fit, plackets, pleats, etc
  • Fabrics libraries can be added in the backend and can be configured for different styles based on the offerings and can be connected to the inventory management.
  • Formal and casual fits can also be defined prior to the fabric and the style selection
  • 360-degree view along with zoom-in and zoom-out option.
  • Fabrics can be zoomed in and through mouse hover
  • Personalized designs can be emailed or downloaded
  • Print ready files – Once the order is placed Productimize will trigger a print ready file (in EPS, PDF, TIFF, PNG, etc) to the order page, which you can directly use it for the manufacturing purposes.

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Why Productimize and how our solutions-team can help you to fill some of the gaps in your custom apparel business?

Why ProductimizeThink different. Productimize made the custom configurator solution easy. Any retailers that are looking to configure custom products can integrate Productimize to their eCommerce store and start selling personalized products in 3-4 weeks. Our solution offers you “n” number of possibilities. The hardest part of running an online store is to keep up customer retention. Our feature-rich advanced customizer helps you to configure the custom product lines appropriately and allows your customers to design and buy personalized product line. With your 3D garments use Productimize to create new styles and variety of graphics, fabrics, colors, etc.


If you’re a print shop owner, you can access the eCommerce store backend and define the printing-area, dynamic pricing rules, design templates, etc.

  • Unlike other solutions, we rely on eCommerce platform to deliver a high-performance custom configurator solution and to seamlessly work across all devices.
  • Multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-store support.

Productimize admin

Text effects:

Starting from featured clip arts to uploading their own images/artworks, and font libraries – Font size, color, and other design elements can be enabled.

  • The monogram/embroidery/text options will include different styles – text art, text-curve, etc.


[ Learn more about how our in-built tool helps validate the user-generated text and image contents here ]


Image upload:

Images can be uploaded from local and social media – including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Exclusive collection of design templates and Pre-defined clip arts, images, and many more can be done
  • Color printing, laser printing and changing the color of the uploaded image to black & white can be personalized

Save and social sharing:

  • You can now allow the customers to save their design, so they can come back and start from where they left.
  • Link sharing is also available, which you can use for abandoned cart and marketing campaign emails.
  • Personalized design can also be shared with social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Real-time Dynamic pricing:

  • If you would like to add additional pricing whenever the customer selects a specific attribute or if the customer selects a specific color, can be handled

Multiple sizes:

  • Customers can pick the different sizes that are available on any specific product (like a notebook, planners, etc)
  • On the product detail page, you will have an option to pick – Boy, Girl and Kids, so they can change between different genders in between.
  • Finally starting from Small size to medium and large, extra large can be configured together, so they can pick order all the sizes together

Mobile Responsive:

All our builds are mobile-responsive and work across all devices and all screen sizes. Our standard onboarding program would include a design template that aligns with your brand guidelines.Mobile responsive

360-degree Product view and 3D rendering:

  • 360-degree preview is available and can be handled across all product lines
  • The customers get to visualize the look and feel of the products throughout all the views

Print-ready file:

  • Once the customer places an order our system will get you an auto-generated print ready file which you can directly use it for the manufacturing purposes. We support various formats including pdf, eps (Vector file format), png, jpeg, etc.

[ Providing sleek experience to printing and gift card industry ]

Productimize allows you to drive sales by enabling custom product line within your store. Our solution helps teams of all sizes from startup to enterprise. Request a personalized demo here to learn more about our offerings and see how can we help you to leverage your online business.

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