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One size absolutely has never fit all, and with the rise of personal electronic devices that give us the chance to express ourselves and share our personal style, ambition, and voice, one size fits all has never been less desirable. Product customization has become standard practice for many clothing and home goods retailers; but as electronics become more readily available and popular, consumers are seeking out customizable accessory options for their favorite electronics.

Productimize is a software that allows customization of existing products through an easy-to-use software plugin on your website. Productimize is an efficient, fast, and reliable way to ensure your clients are getting the best customization experience while also ensuring that your company has the tools necessary to run a successful e-commerce site. Investing in Productimize can improve your customer base, your online presence, and even increase sales.

Customer Loyalty

Reliability is integral to building customer loyalty, but building loyalty first and foremost means giving consumers what they want. With the endless possibilities available to the twenty-first-century consumer, it can be difficult to wade through every option under the sun in order to find products that fit taste, style, and personal necessity. The option to customize a product can help make an almost-perfect product into the perfect product, incentivizing customers to return and use your services again and again.

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Sseko Designs, one of our proud partners, saw a sales increase of 100% with the integration of Productimize on their website. It is results like that that we find so exciting; giving consumers the choices they want on the products they want, and helping businesses grow at the same time.

Word of Mouth Marketing

When you give the customer exactly what they want, the customer is always happier. They will be more likely to share their custom accessories with friends, social media, and review sites. This means again, more exposure, and more insight into how to improve your product offerings, customization options, and what specifically your customers love about your products.

People trust friends, family (and even strangers) more than they do ads.

While marketing has its place and can be highly effective in drawing in new customers, 92% of consumers report trusting recommendations and reviews by people they know or have personally met more than marketing campaigns. As your customer loyalty increases along with sales, your products will be seen more and given further exposure. This is an excellent way to create buzz around your product.

Lower Return Rates

Around 30% of online purchases are returned. This high rate of return is often due to products appearing different than advertised, or the product not being quite right. Customization and giving the customer a hand in choosing how their product will turn out reduces the rate of returns and instills more brand/customer trust.

Productimize, in particular allows the consumer to examine their product virtually online before purchasing. The easy to use software has many customizable options, runs smoothly, and even has a 360-degree option for viewing the product from all sides. Being able to reliably know that what you are ordering will show up as advertised helps to reduce return rates, and ensures your customers will be coming back for more.

Widen Your Market

While personalization is popular year round, Business Wire estimates that by 2021 around $31 billion will be allocated to customized gift options during the holidays alone. Consumers want to give their loved ones gifts that feel personal, high end, and will be unique to their taste and necessity. Simply having the option to customize a product makes it more giftable and more desirable. Additionally, once your product is gifted, it works as its own advertisement.

Increase Profit Margins

A simple customization can increase your profits on any given product. 40% of consumers say they will or have paid more for a product they already intended to buy because of the option to customize. This means that the ever-present need for electronics accessories can only be improved by customization options. Plus, as mentioned before, as customers see that they can rely on you and your company to get the best products to fit their lifestyle, they will continue to be willing to pay higher prices for exactly what they want.

Productimize is fast, easy to use, and takes less time to install and integrate than other clunkier customization software. Our interface is extremely user-friendly, both in its attractive and accurate depiction of products and customization options and in its ease of use for the consumer.

Productimize has excellent features that include image uploads, monogram capabilities, and design preservation. We even have a feature that allows customers to share their designs on social media, giving you more exposure and letting the customer share their excellent experience with friends and family. To get a free demo, and learn more about Productimize and how we can help you and your company, visit our website today!



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