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Product personalization in an eCommerce website enables retailers to market to customers in a way that directly and precisely meets their needs and desires. Retailers continually improve their products offering to existing and new consumers as well as nurture the shopping experience that continuously makes visitors happy shopping with them. If you are looking for ways to build your brand or framing out the perfect eCommerce store, product personalization ought to be featured on that list.

So, how can you personalize your store for more sales and revenue? Many website visitors might enjoy the Product personalization you sell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want it. There lies the difference between need and want.

Let’s say, a customer loves the shoes put up for sale and says, “I like this shoe, but I want the same with blue lace and white sole.” Not just once, literally every day, the expectations turn out to be different than what we envisioned. But do you think customers with such desires and expectations can be satisfied? The answer is yes, with product personalization.

Custom Shoes - Product Personalization

Need For Product Personalization

Just imagine the conversion if brands can cater to both their ‘like’ and ‘want’ together. Just imagine the conversions when customers are more than happy, designing and buying things in precisely the size, form, the feature they want. And this is exactly why you should prioritize the personalization of products in your eCommerce strategy. Take note of the points explained below as we tried to shed more light on why every brand must include product personalization in their eCommerce store.

1. Stay Ahead Of The Competition, Always

To stand ahead of the competition in your niche – your product has to be really really (I could really add a hundred more ‘really’ if possible) unique, or your price has to be way less than your competitors.

But low pricing also has its cons, and when you are focused on making profits, low pricing would not be the first thing to consider. So naturally, it boils down to making your product unique. But how? Product Personalization – There you go, I said it!

Let’s picture this now – There are around ten shoe stores in your neighborhood in which 9 of them provide a catalog of the shoes with all the pictures and prices. But one store went a step ahead to offer an immersive experience, taking personalization seriously by showing how the shoes would look on your feet.

Which store do you think makes more sales? That one store which provides personalized products. Thank me later!

2. Increased User Engagement

User engagement ∝ Conversion!

It is a well-known fact that visitors who spend more time on your website by checking out your products are more likely to buy than the ones who leave early.

Many essential traits resonate with customer engagement. But one such key element for achieving higher user engagement on eCommerce websites is by giving the users the freedom to personalize their custom products, the choice to meet their expectations and to buy personalized products wholeheartedly.

Not all the visitors who check out the cool customization features on your online store are likely to buy personalized products. Some do it to know how it looks. Some do it for the experience. And some will spend time designing. Then,  Save For Later, to come again and resume from where they’ve stopped before hitting the Add-to-cart button. All this does lead to sales, in case you are thinking. And of course, user engagement, the one we’ve been talking about.

In times like this where, let alone buying, making visitors stay on the online store for a few minutes is a task in itself. But the good news is that prolonging user engagement time is possible with product personalization by providing many customization options to delight the customers.

Check out how we made Phoenix Bats increase user engagement by allowing customers to customize every element of the baseball bat. Literally, every part from tip to nib can be customized.

Sports Products Personalization

3. No or Low Cost Marketing

It is a surreal feeling for every brand out there when people start talking about their products and services in the right way. And when the same happens with no or low spent, it is indeed special.

There are so many ways to make the world know about your brand. But if you are looking for a way to help market and sell your products without any additional charges – Offer product personalization. Don’t believe me?

  • Word of Mouth: Nothing beats word of mouth marketing, the most genuine and heartfelt that is born out of love ‘only’ when the customers adore what they bought. Unique personalized products always attract the new-bees and also the usual customers, thereby upping the customer retention rate. The buyer showcases your product (promotes them) because it was customized by them fully and wants others to know about it as well. Thus, the conversation begins. Win-win!
  • Online Sharing: Allows your customers to share their design through Share via option. When the design gets shared through their social media profiles, mail, WhatsApp, and more, there will be many eyes on your product with primary marketing evidence that, in turn, increases the website footfalls.

4. Needless To Say – Higher Profits

When you offer personalized products,

  • More web traffic: Check
  • More user engagement: Check
  • More conversion: Check

And what more? All that leads to more sales than usual. Before delving deeper, let’s bust a myth: Offering personalized products does not increase your production costs and does not result in a substantial decrease in ROI. Someone passed on the wrong news to you. 😉

Don’t let this refrain from offering custom products. Because. It’s. Not. True.

● The best part is brands can quote more for personalized products. Don’t believe it, again? There is a study that buyers are ready to spend 20% more on personalized products.

● There is zero need to stock up thousands of products without knowing which might or might not sell. Just manufacture the one(s) that customers design, thereby reducing the overall production cost.

● Eliminate the Discount/Offer techniques in product personalization. Now that you already know customers are willing to spend more and wait more time for custom products, brands need not use the Discount or Offer tag to captivate customers. Product uniqueness is more important than lower pricing. You will vouch for that.

5. Decrease In Product Returns

Increase your retention rate and decrease your product returns – both at the same time by offering personalized products in your online store. And that’s how Blue Sky, an enterprise brand delivering custom planners showed an increase of 20% in sales by offering product personalization.

Not all customers are the same, and not all customers want the same. Some customize multiple designs for a single purchase. Some purchase numerous designs. Whereas some, design and gift. Whatever may be the reason – Customer Retention is a sure thing. Don’t forget to give Save For Later, an option that allows customers to design products precisely from where they left if they were in the midst of some work.

And talking about product return rate, the chances are low, so so little. Because the customers themselves design the product, and they are purchasing only after they are satisfied, thoroughly with the custom product design they’ve done.

Product personalization is the knob, and exclusivity is the key.

Now that you know offering custom products does not increase your production costs and after getting to know the umpteen benefits of offering personalized products, are you wanting to launch your own range of custom products? Product personalization, now and always, made easy with Productimize – an enterprise customization platform for brands across the world.

Here are the average stats of brands that chose Productimize to start selling custom products:

Product Personalization Stats

All the pointers discussed above made possible with Productimize. Get in touch with us, and we will take you through the world of customization to see your brand scale faster than ever before.

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