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Agree or not, data is everything!

These days where the intrusion of technology in our lives is unmissable and data produced in this digital world is unimaginable, every time we scroll across screens in our mobiles and computers to toggle and see products which customers seem fascinated to buy, the information trail (data) is captured and stored which will be used in prospect by retailers to attract customers make more purchases by sending products customers might love as ads across various social media platforms.

Why Customization?

Design to delight! Satisfying the customer by making them love what you have is one of the most surreal experiences ever for the retailers.

With new products and newer features getting launched into the market every other moment grabbing eyeballs of the youth and alike, it also has made very hard to satisfy each, and every customer needs nowadays. But in this digital epoch where the whole world is on a mode of transformation, it isn’t much complicated to delight our customers. Yes, it is conceivable. Read on, and you will realize the reason for our confidence.

We are providing an exclusive one of its kind and unique hallmark called Product Customization/Configurator which allows customers to design and devise products on their own, from the very essence and base. Customization will help to capture the data about distinct tastes and preferences of the customers in detail. These data, in turn, will help you understand more about shoppers behavior, their tastes, and traits.

What does Data Science do in Customization?


Customers maketh Manufacturers! Understanding the behavior of customer will have a pervasive influence on the eCommerce sector — nothing great than grasping the drift of what sprawls in the minds of shoppers.

From warehouse automation to after sales assistance, customer interaction to conversational trade, in each and everything, is represented by the customers. There is no use of storing tonnes of products in the warehouse as no one knows when the market inclinations would change. To understand shoppers’ needs, to dissect the data in depth, to play the tunes in lieu with what the customer endeavors, this is where Data Science advances in, to help the manufacturers and eCommerce players apprehending more about the shoppers.

Data science is not just data analysis, but also the indulgence into a philosophical understanding of business process, customer conservatism and needs that drive the conclusion.

Having a history in the hand of the customers’ purchases helps to understand adequately the customization features and attributes which attracts the customers more by comparing other features. These insights are gold, as they will support eCommerce players to understand the customers’ refinements and likings better and will also open the door to dreamland where you can up your profits by enhancing better customization features.

Also, with Data Analytics, identifying your repeat customer behavior and can retain shoppers who come back needing you thereby enhancing the lifetime value by a significant measure.

We can also create a recommendation engine which helps the customer purchase the product with newer innovations, taken via their history of purchases and activities. These credentials will come in handy to help the eCommerce players expand the sales by presenting nothing but the best choices to the buyers, based on their needs and preferences. This shall not only considerably reduce the acquisition and inventory cost but will also enable the business to empower towards an established direction.

Customization/Personalization and Data Science is unquestionably going to offer eCommerce players the much-needed thrust to reach on top of the game in the industry. The sooner you take note of this; the sooner success will knock your doorbell.



Working as a Data Scientist in Productimize at DCKAP. He is passionate Data Science learner having 3 years experience in an analytical field. He loves solving puzzles and good in logical reasoning. He always likes to deliver the best out of it.

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I have experienced this lot from customers side. Lot of ads on the products I used to search !! Article is informative and gives me the insight about the Data science role in the e-commerce industry !! Upcoming days, I am expecting more articles with respect to Data science and other industries with real case studies.