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As the e-commerce industry advance’s quickly in this digital era, product customization is the latest trend going on in the online business industry. The next evolution in product customization will be the incorporation of 3D product customization.  Today pretty much every cell phone and a computer could render the 3D graphics, its opportunity to the utilization of that innovation in the e-commerce industry. To stay ahead of the competition and to stay updated, 3D product customization will help in for sure.

Consumers wanted to buy the products as per their interest and liking’s, custom design software has been acquainted which helps the consumers to accomplish that goal. With the integration of 3D on to the custom design software, customization becomes more interactive and easy to use.

Much e-commerce websites already integrated product customization solution, yet there are impediments to the traditional customization.  Viewing the product itself limited to specific (2 dimensional) view, customization becomes more hard and vague as consumers like to see their customized product in each edge. 3D product customization unravels this issue which makes the customization process increasingly straightforward and seamless, as the consumers can see a full 360 view of the product which encourages them to get more confident with their custom design.

Easy to View and Interact:

As 3D product customization isn’t limited to a specific view, customers can see the product at full 360 views with zoom option and optimized gestures controls for various platforms.

Easy customization:

Customizing the product in 360 views will be more comfortable from changing the textures to adding accessories to the product as customers can see every single corner of the tweaked item and help to accommodate the product.

Custom Effects:

Starting from featured clip arts to uploading their own images/artworks, and textual style libraries – Text dimension, shading, and other design elements can be added to the product.
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Sabhareesh AK

Sabhareesh AK

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