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Being a provider of customization solution to various business and solutions, it has been a regular and important requirement from various clients requesting for validating the customer-generated content on their custom products.

Productimize team added these feature request in their product roadmap and worked on a recent sprint. We have partnered with two third-party providers to validate user-generated content for both text and images.

Image Content Validation

Productimize partnered with Imagga, an adult image content validator tool which can be used to filter different types of images including profanity and adultery. The best part of using Imagga is having our own restriction level based on different business needs as every client can have various filtration level like NSFW (Not Safe For Web) or Medium or Safe.

Productimize collects the user generated/uploaded images and send it to via API request to Imagga for validation and once we receive the response we verify the confidence level, if the confidence level is above the requested threshold, we allow the customer uploaded images to visualize on the product, if not we stop uploading these image and throw an error message requesting for the customer to upload the appropriate image which is more secure for web users.

Text Content Validation

Validating of text is another key request from our customer to stop bad or unacceptable words on the custom products. There are different scenarios involved in text validation as few words will be of different categories which include profanity, abusive, cursing, imprecation or obscene.

Productimize collects the text from the user and validates it through webpurify for any bad words or any irrelevant words to the web. Based on every business, we will be able to add any custom words that need to be restricted from visualization which includes the competitors brand names or anything which can directly impact their brands.

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