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Every day of an eCommerce marketer’s life starts with checking three things:

  • Google analytics to know about the previous day’s website traffic.
  • Whether the day before’s sales numbers reached?
  • Which channels brought traffic and which contributed the most to conversion (sales)?.

Next comes the most repetitive question which runs time and again:

“How to improve sales further?”

Notwithstanding the happening sales, every brand seeks Increase in sales, customer base, and brand recognition. With the goals set way higher, the marketer faces the bewilderment of many ways to increase the sales. There perhaps are many tried-and-succeeded ways, but one significant vertical that always gives anticipated fruition is Satisfying the Customer and offering what he wants. Out of a myriad of ways available to satisfy the customers, we prefer a simple solution – selling customized products – that will, on the one hand, gratify the customer and on the other hand bring increased revenue to the brand as well.   

How can you start selling a customized product?

When it comes to selling customized/personalized products online, you have two option. One, you could build your own customization engine or, two, you could pick a customization software – like ours – and integrate it with your website.

Regardless of your choice, you need to answer few questions before making the decision.

  • How much time do you have? Plenty or Scarce

Make sure you have an answer to the above question. How much time do you have before you want to go live with your customization offer? Take into account that selling customized products need support from every department, say website design, marketing, inventory management and product manufacturer. Try to have word with every department in your organization and get their feedback. And then fix a timeline for the launch.

  • How sound is your budget? Well enough or quite low

You should ask yourself: How much am I gonna invest in this project. When you choose to build your own engine, you should be ready to allocate two to four developers and designers to complete the project – which would end up quite hectic should you have limited number of resources in hand. On top of that, you need to continuously invest in customization enhancement.

  • How do you want to start?

Finalize on product line-up which you want to provide customization option for your customers. It’s always better to start a small set of products and later based on customers response you can widen the list. This helps you in understanding the user behavior and their needs, which will indeed help to take a better decision based on accumulated data points.

  • How reasonable is the price gonna be?

Selling customized products would inadvertently upsell the product provided that the product is priced reasonably. For instance, a customer would love to pay 20$ or so in extra to buy a customized shoe with a price tag of $100 dollars. However, anything more than that, an unreasonable hike in price, would have an adverse effect on the very intention of selling a customized product.


The answers to the above questions would definitely narrow down your thoughts toward the whole idea of product customization. In the very first place, to try out a customization, it’s advisable to go for a plug-and-play solution. This solution would help you in scouting answers for the latter two questions on the list. Later, should you witness sales and response happening as anticipated, you could finalize your answer for the former questions and either continue with a customization software – if your budget is quite low and time is scarce or if you have time and budget in plenty, you could try out to build one yourself.




Prabhu is a Digital Marketer at Productimize. He takes care of content creation and distribution through social channels.

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