Taking Customization experience to next level for #1 Planner Brand in US - Productimize

For over 16 years, Blue Sky has focused on bringing you the highest quality, fashion-forward planners to help you enjoy life’s great moments. The quality of their products has created a loyal following of over 13 million users annually and elevated them to the #1 planner brand in the U.S.

Customization planner and notebooks is a key factor for BlueSky business as more than 50% of the sales happened through personalization. So it was very critical for the BlueSky business to have a custom solution which is seamless, scalable, speed and simple. Considering all these factors and keeping the hour of need, the solution they were using (LiquidPixels) was not up to the mark as they were facing speed issue, minimal flexibility for the manufacturers, complex rules and not great UX experience.

Understanding the hour of need, BlueSky decided to move out of their old custom solution (LiquidPixels) along with eCommerce platform (Magento2). This is where the Productimize came into play as it had a sleek, simple, scalable and seamless custom solution with advanced UX experience.

Custom Planner

Productimize team spent 3 weeks in the client location to understand their business and the way they process personalization products, which really helped the Productimize team to layout and plan the apt solution for BlueSky without any overheads. Our team proposed a simpler and advanced UI design which can fulfill all their business requirements considering the customer behaviors that can increase the sales conversion rate.

We believe in providing complete freedom to the customers as well as merchants by providing flexibility for creating the custom product and setting up business rules to the layman making a purchase on the website. These factors kept Productimize ahead of the competitors. We are really proud of what we give to the customers and the value we add to their business.

Custom Notebook

The Key value addition by Productimize was to provide the customer the freedom to upload their own images and design their planner and notebooks with family or their loved-ones images. Productimize picked the user-generated content and validate the image for any profanity even before applying the design to the product.

Check out the Custom Planner

Blue Sky is another example of how Productimize is adding value to their business, which they started seeing it from the Day 1 of go live. Blue Sky team is really happy with the change we made into their legacy system and gave them a complete control of the eCommerce without many dependencies of the technical people.



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