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If you are a retailer, you must have heard about mass customization or personalization. Your customers must have enquired if they can customize the products available in your site. They wanted to change the color or add a personal message or a monogram. Have you wondered how to do this? Have you pondered whether your revenue would have gone up if this functionality was available? Did you google for solutions?

The solution is – Productimize.

Productimize is highly customizable product configurator for online stores. Productimize is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based product. This means you do not have to worry about hosting, installation, upgrades etc. After our successful launch with Magento community and enterprise editions(versions 1 & 2), we are rolling out Shopify product customization plugin.

With our new Shopify customizer app, store owners can easily download from Shopify app store and integrate with their store. One key advantage of our Shopify customizer when compared to other custom product configurator is we don’t use iFrame technology. Which gives store owners a complete freedom to design the customization page based on their requirement. We have written about this feature in detail in the following features section.

Product Configurator Features:


Productimize makes it easy for retailers to upload any product. And empowers customers to customize every part of the product. For example, they can set the product overall colour, add text to the product, customers can choose from pre-polluted images or they can upload their own image and place it over the product.

accessories industry customized product

As a seller, you have the complete control on customization part. If you don’t want your customers to move images over a certain portion, you can easily achieve this by fixing the movable area in the product.

Print Ready Files:

Each and every design input is given by the customers will be captured. Customized design can be exported to print-ready files in PDF, PNG and TIF formats. Retailers can easily download files directly from the store admin.

Dynamic Pricing:

Retailers have the option to fix price tag for each customization element. So whenever a customer changes the product colour or element, product price will get updated based on their choice.


All your store customization backend will be hosted in our Amazon AWS server. So you don’t need to worry about low page time or delay in response.

Flexible UI/UX:

One important functionality we see as our differentiator from other existing product is flexible user experience our product provides for your customers. Most of the existing products built using iFrame technology. Whereas our customization engine, allows retailers to play with the customization page and built the frontend based on your requirements.


As you can see from the above image.

Liquid UI Backend:

Productimize has empowered webmaster/admin to add custom products in the backend easily with zero coding knowledge. Setting up of customization product can be done from any device as the UI is liquid responsive with a new fresh look.


Shopify Custom Product Builder

The Shopify experts team at Productimize has built this custom product builder app to help the merchants start selling their custom products within a day or two.

Customers are the king! To make them feel like one, you should give them the option to visualize the product with their eyes. Before they make a decision they would need to see the product first and fell in love. Our app has a 2-in-1 situation to see the product in multiple versions and to configure it on one’s own.

Based on our experiences so far in developing the bespoke configurators, the Shopify Customize Product builder is a piece of cake and any merchants can handle it with just a few clicks with Productimize.

Now you know what wonders our product can do for your store. So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us.

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