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Imagine waking up one fine morning to find a bright red coffee cup gifted by your partner resting on the table beside you with the words, “Hey, Love” on it. That would be so sweet, right?

There are hundreds of coffee cups available in the market. But why do you think this particular cup is more special? Any guesses?

Well, firstly, red is your favorite color.

Then, the words on the cup.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it was gifted by a person close to your heart who took their time to gift something beautiful you will cherish.

Personalized Gift - ProductimizeThe bright red coffee cup is much more than a cup (or a product). It is an extension of your lifestyle, evoking heartwarming emotions every time you hold it gently.

Gift The Best

Who does not love gifts or surprises? And when the same gift is created based on a person’s exact tastes and preferences, that gift becomes more attached to our lives.

Such gifts are used to showcase the love, respect, and gratitude we have for a person. Many a times, it is not what we give, but the time and effort we put in to gift the best, which MATTERS THE MOST.

Personalized Gifts Online

A while ago, we spoke about picking a gift which exactly caters to a person’s tastes and preferences. The awesome news is, online shoppers can now design the products exactly the way they want with just a few clicks of button.

Yes, you heard that right. That’s what Product Customization does! Giving maximum control to the shopper about how a product must be – shape, color, text, size, and many more compelling features. Shoppers can also add cool images, sweet text, add icons, and engrave symbols they love on the custom products they design.

Recent studies showed that 62% of respondents in a survey said they are willing to pay and wait for a custom product. That is a stat not to be taken lightly.

The sales of Customized Products are now at an all time high. Looking at the stats where the sales are picking up, it is anticipated that there’s no looking back for merchants as orders are going to be in full throttle. Ultimately, it is up to each merchant to know whether the store is prepared to handle the demand or not.

Customization is a great way to build customer loyalty, bring in better conversions, and obviously, more sales. As a merchant, are you ready to offer custom products? This is the right time to fly into the world of customization. Check out how Productimize changed the outlook of top enterprises by integrating customization features to their existing as well as new online stores.


Blue Sky, based out of Southern California, could brag confidently as being the #1 planner brand in the United States delivering exclusive, premium and personalized planners to the masses.


Customers were given options to ink colors of a diary, add text, choose the filling of different pages, and much more with a simplified user flow. Guess what followed next – a 20% increase in sales after customization with Productimize. Check out the full story.

With You Lockets

With You was founded as a tribute to a daughter’s love for her father. Founder Mikki Glass lost her father to brain cancer when she (and he) were far too young. When Mikki’s sister decided to marry, it occurred to Mikki that she wanted to find a way for her sister to include their beloved father in her wedding ceremony, which gave birth to With You Lockets.

With You Lockets

Online shoppers can upload images of their dear ones, engrave a name on the locket, choose the pendant size, and so on. Once done, the print ready file will be sent to the merchant.

Productimize gave custom options to 104 products, and it lead to a whopping 38% increase in sales. Read their full story.

Undercover Mugs

Undercover Mugs envisions a future in need of more avenues for self-expression and connection. Even an item as simple as a personalized coffee mug can stand for something special, and it can be shared with someone they want to be in contact with for a very long time.

Under Cover Mugs

When customers design, the edits gets displayed in real time so they can make immediate changes. Also, images and multi text fonts can be added. It becomes even more cool with an option to share designs with your friends. On the whole, a total of 38 products were enabled to be customized.

The list does not end with three brands. Take a look at the enterprise brands associated with Productimize, and their stories of transformational success by offering custom products.

Customization is indeed the next big thing, considering the time and amount people are spending to buy personalized gifts online. Stay ahead of your competitors by providing compelling custom options to wow your online shoppers. Get in touch with Productimize now to drive demand and increase conversions to your online store by selling personalized gifts.

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