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Advancement in printing technologies, developments in software, and an increase in the demand from consumers are providing new opportunities for personalization of products, boosting value for consumers. Manufacturers have improvised on the traditional stationery items, in terms of design, to meet the consumers’ desire for stylish alternatives. In this blog, you’ll know how Personalized Stationery will impact your customers’ satisfaction, in positive ways.

Personalization is being incorporated into stationery products by integrating elements of the user’s choice; various templates are used to provide the required unique finish and render the product customized.

Personalized Stationery encourages people to connect on a more personal note and is intended to keep alive the tradition of fundamental communication. For instance, the addition of photos on stationery and cards is a popular form of personalization. Such concepts should accelerate the demand for stationery items and increase conversions.

Understand Your Product Offerings

We need to ensure that we understand the market that we are working with and the popular trending of the moment. Providing different custom options for multiple products attracts a wide range of people, and this includes a good assortment of font styles, attractive colors, and designs, etc.

The stationery industry is one among all the niche industries with the introduction of electronic media. Personalized Stationery is associated with paper and the written word and is a personal form of communication. The techniques employed in the stationery industry to make the overall product-specific include embossing, thermographic printing, letterpress printing, and engraving. The stationery market is mostly used for formal event specialized invitations, special occasion programs, or office stationery.

Benefits of Personalized Stationery Products

Brand Awareness

Most of the stationery items include official letters, invitations, pencils, etc. Personalized Stationery items actually reinforce and spread your brand with minimal effort. If you include your contact details on every stationery item you send out, it becomes more convenient to get in touch with your organization.

Bulk Ordering

Every stationery item will be purchased in bulk fashion, and it doesn’t hold on to a single product, many products that will serve different purposes in various circumstances. For example – take an instance for an office, an office needs at least the following minimal essential stationery items like – Calendars, Pens, Pen Holders, Erasers, Pencils, Sharpeners, Sticky Notes, White Boards, Markers, And Erasers.

In a company of 100 employees, each of the above items should be purchased in bulk with Personalized Stationery.

Sell Personalized Stationery Products Conversions and More Sales

Personalizing products doesn’t just help increase sales; it also keeps your customers satisfied, which promotes loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

A study by Deloitte suggests that, on average, in different retail sectors, 36% of consumers would consider buying customized products or services. If that figure surprises you, listen to this: 1 in 5 of these consumers would be willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product! This indicates a shift in consumer mentality away from monetary cost and towards inherent value.

Besides, 48% of customers would be willing to wait longer for a customized product or service. This means that while their personalized product is being created, customers have more time to browse and possibly even generate more sales.

Importance of Online Stationery Business

Everyone knows the importance of Personalized Stationery in an organization, be it a small home-based business, or a large firm, the personalized stationery set plays a vital role. From pencils, note pads, business cards to office memos, all the stationery used by a company is essential, as it reflects what that organization is all about; its values and its standards. By personalizing your office stationery, you can make your corporate identity a unique brand.

Companies like are now offering Personalized Stationery, pencils to be precise, at reasonable prices. They not only print simple text but personalized pencils for gifts, offices, and promotional events.

Customer Retention

Let’s assume that you have limited custom options and resources on your product, and you don’t want to waste them on potential customers who never end up buying anything. Always keep in mind, when you’re marketing to a prospective customer, you have very little chance of persuading them to make a purchase.

However, things change when you market to a repeat customer. Repeat customers have a much chance of buying your custom products.

For example, our customer has two custom products (Round and Hex pencils) and wanted to increase the conversion rate and retain customers, most importantly, they wanted to provide extensive creative options with Personalized Stationery for the buyers.

Personalized Stationery ProductsNo Need Higher Inventory Costs

You don’t need to trash your existing business model to tap into the personalization market. There’s no need to throw out all your stock and buy a fresh batch. With a little ingenuity, you can customize the same items you already sell, naturally by adding a special little touch. But that doesn’t mean you have to stockpile versions of your product – you can customize a single product as each order comes in.

Our Solution

We helped offer Personalized Stationery to their customers with attractive and visually appealing designs. The changes appear on the screen instantly, and edits can be done quickly. For their customization, we deployed the following features:

– Round Pencils: We integrated three lines of silky stylized text with customizable colors/fonts, and added an option for a mascot
– Hex Pencils: Along with the option for three types of wood, we included an engraved style text and customizable colors

Check out how we added compelling Personalized Stationery options and made otherwise-normal pencils look colorful and enchanting with product customization. Within a quick span, has started seeing instant conversion rates, frequent buyers with the time spent on different customization fields, and more orders every day.

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