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According to the study, adding any form of personalization increases ecommerce sales by 7.8% and 56% of consumers are more inclined to purchase if offered a personalized experience.We want uniqueness in everything we do, right from clothes we wear to gifts we give. Smart eCommerce owners understand this gap and started offering online product personalization tool where customers can personalize their products on their own.

As per the survey report, 40% of consumers say they prefer buying from retailers that cater to their preferences. So, e-Commerce stores from shoes to handbags and from T-shirts to jewellery give customers ability to customize their products by product design software online.

Custom products allow customers to choose from available options, or even make new requests, and items can be personalized by adding custom text, names, dates, even special graphics or photos.

Our customization engine Productimize comes with two key features

  • Text Settings
  • Image Settings
  • Clipart functionality

Text Settings:
This feature lets your customers to enter a personalized text message on the product. Text input given by the customers will be placed added over the product which makes it easy for the customers to visualize, how the end product will look.

Image Settings:

Customers can upload their own image and place it on the product.


Clipart Functionality:

With this new feature, retailers can provide option for their customers to pick from pre-populated images or symbols and place it over customization piece.


Now you know how selling personalized products can help you to up-sell and create a name for yourself among consumers.

Let us know if you want to set up product customization for your online store.

Zaid Sheriff

Zaid Sheriff

Zaid Sheriff is a Junior Engineer who is passionate about digital products. He loves to play table tennis during his free time.

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