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Printing Gifts and Cards industry is another ocean which needs automation to convert the customer requirements and imagination into relevant printing file for manufacturers and printers. Obviously providing personal touch through an e-Commerce was the best way to connect both parties and here is where Productimize comes into play by an easy integration tool with major e-Commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

It is built in such a way that users or web admin may not need any programming or design skills for creating gifts or print cards.

Card Selections

We facilitate in providing a variety of choices for customers to choose their cards, sizes, designs, borders, gift wrapping and more so that customer feels it unique when they do a purchase.

Image Flexibility

A customer should be able to upload their own images from their laptops or phones or even from Social media like Instagram. The uploaded images can be resized or cropped or scale based on the needs.

Greeting and Personalized messages

Help customer to design or send their heartfelt greetings and messages on their personalized cards and gifts with the ability to move around the position of the text on the card.

Visually appealing

Customers can design their own personalized card/greeting which will provide a unique online shopping experience. Productimize helps you in providing the excellent user experience to make the custom purchase simpler with great visualization.

Complex pricing rules

Productimize solves you the problem of pricing by allowing you to charge dynamically for different personalization option of fonts or colors

Layering of Attributes

We support multiple layers. Be it a picture over a gift or a text on a greeting card, the particular layer alone can be customized. Adding monogram texts are easier than before with attribute layering.

Fonts selection

Providing a full freedom to the customers to make their desired fonts selection for the text they enter into the cards. In a few scenarios, Productimize also provides the feature of free handwriting option.

Printing Personalized CardsInk colors for the

Able to assign or set specific Ink colors for the texts or an option for the customer to select their own ink colors using a color picker.

Print Ready File for Manufacturers

Provides the desired information and flexibility of generating a high-quality print ready file for manufacturers which reflects with faster delivery and accuracy.

Share it in Social

Customers are provided the option to share the personalized cards/gifts designs in social media.

Custom Info in Checkout

Once the product is customized as per customer inputs, Productimize captures all the information along with customized images and passes it to Cart page, Checkout page, and Order page to give the relevant and the right information to the manufacturers to fulfill the order seamlessly.

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Madhavi, a software engineer at DCKAP, made her shift as a pure play product developer for Productimize. She handles the complete spectrum of product usability and support. Her passion lies in exploring and researching emerging technologies and how it can be implemented in Productimize. During her free time, you can see Madhavi indulged in travel with her latest collection of books.

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