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Productimize, exactly a year back we launched our first live customer on this date Sep 19, 2017 – on Shopify Plus. Initially, we started with just one product and one domain, which is now stepped all the way to 600+ products and five additional domains –,,,, ( To learn more about how engraving can boost your online sales, click here)

We’ve come a long way as a product company. The first time we thought about customization it was just changing colors and adding text and was more of installing an app in the local server. After a period of time, we thought that this approach may not be the right solution.

We evolved as a business and moved on to the SaaS-based model where Productimize business core functionalities will store in a cloud environment, and all the rest of the functions will happen within the eCommerce platform.

Making this functionality change helped us refine as a product and the at the same time encourages us to improve the performance and to ensure we follow international standard on data security. All the product images, pricing, orders, everything gets stored in the backend.

More than 135K+ products are customized, and over $1M revenue has been generated through Productimize so far.

Some of the other customers who are using our customization engine to sell custom products.

Some Key features:

    • Productimize helped more than 70% of our customers to achieve better conversion rates increase the customer engagement.
    • User-Friendly interface where the retailer can come up with their wireframes that our tech team will implement for the custom product line. We can even have a completely different UI/UX for each custom product offering.
    • Irrespective of what features we offer, the product works seamlessly across all the platforms – Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. Added, since we’re not running on iFrame most of the retailers take advantage of this to add custom-built features that are exclusive to their stores/and businesses down the line after 3 or 6 months once we are done the initial implementation.
    • The dynamic pricing option helps the retailers to add custom pricing based on the different custom offerings.
    • Pre-build mobile responsive layout and 360 degrees help them to increase conversion rate and let the consumers stay in the online store for the longer duration.
    • Some of the recent additions like Social sharing & save/and share designs help them to run email campaigns and reach out to the abandoned consumers lately

New Product Features

Advanced text editing option

We have improved the text visualization option which can be easily handled through back-end of Productimize by assigning the boundary position for the text/embroidery. This feature will help the store admin to assign location for engraving option.

Domain-based Fonts

What if the Instagram poll you posted a couple of weeks ago had a great response and your customers want few additional font styles for the engraving. It’s a no-brainier thing; with the new fonts manager, store admin can just upload new fonts to the back-end – all by himself, no developer is needed.

Final Thoughts

I am sure, we have just started to scratch the surface, as a customization product we have a long way to go. Excited for future in the ever-changing e-commerce world.

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva is the Strategy Manager leading the business efforts and global partnerships of DCKAP Digital Products. He is passionate about eCommerce and SaaS products, he loves tech startups. Regardless of the role, his blogs are unbiased. An avid gadget lover and a mobile enthusiast.

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