Print Ready File Feature for Manufacturers from Productimize

Product customization has become a normal need for all the businesses across the globe. Every customer likes to treat them special, so product configuration is one of the best ways to provide customer flexibility to design their own product and do the purchase.

Connecting E-commerce with Manufacturing Team

The biggest challenge every e-commerce owner have is to capture all the customization made by the customer on the website needs to be transferred to the manufacturing unit without losing any data and especially in the right format to match all the manufacturing needs.

Productimize being a leading provider of Product Customization solution to different e-Commerce platforms, considering the hour of need Productimize has come up with a solution for connecting between e-commerce and manufacturers.

Custom Designed Product

Customer designed through Productimize

Print Ready File for Manufacturer/Printers

As we all know every business is different and the process of manufacturing varies based on the products, Productimize has come up with a simple configurations and settings in the backend for generating Print Ready File for the manufacturing purposes. Few business may need a background product image in a printing file and few may just need the customization elements without the real product image. Productimize helps the businesses to choose all the product elements which are appropriate for the printing.

Printing files are provided with high-resolution printing formats which include EPS, TIFF, PNG, PDF, and JPG. Customers are provided with the flexibility to choose between the formats for printing.

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