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Happy customers create more happy customers!

Brands that retain their customers survive a lot longer than the ones that don’t. For online brands, gaining traction among a vast audience is the key to success. Any brand that builds a personal connection with their online customers tends to see word of mouth work magic and higher revenues.

Meaningful connections take a lot of effort from the marketing and sales team. So how exactly is it done?

Different brands connect with their target audience and customers in different ways but there are a few quick steps you can take advantage.

One-time shoppers are committed to finding deals. Repeat customers are committed to your brand for a lifetime. Check how how to enhance your customer retention rate by building a personal connect.

Communicate your brand’s story emotionally

Communicate Your Brand's Story - Product CustomizationEvery brand has a story. And you should definitely be knowing yours. Just like how you know your brand story, you customers should also be told.

Communicating your story is a poignant marketing tool that can help brands connect with customers. A brand story represents the purpose and values of your company.

A good story builds an emotional connection with the audience. Brand stories are no different. What is your brand’s mission, and purpose? Share that with your customers and make it something that they can relate to and care about.

Be transparent about every piece of information

Be Transparent - Product CustomizationBe transparent in all the communication that goes out. When you’re open, customers retaliate with their trust. Transparency is an integral part of e-commerce customer experience. First and foremost, making sure that our website is descriptive and honest, and including high-quality accurate product pictures can be a starting point.

Build discussions on social platforms

Discussions on Social Media - Product CustomizationAlways open multiple discussion forums for your customers. Brands can take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and post an update regularly.

This not only helps you to get new in-depth insights on your followers, current customers, and potential leads, it presents the opportunity for you to have a heart-to-heart with them.

Communication is a two-way street and you can establish healthy, meaningful communication through social media.

Support anything that connects with people

Support to Society - Product CustomizationCorporate utilizes CSR opportunities to gain the trust of their employees & customers. If you are a emerging brand, you can support an NGO or you could consider other ways of being helpful locally – sponsor a walk or volunteer in your community. Do something that gets your brand out there as a business with a humane side. And don’t forget to be vocal about it. BRAG!

Allow shoppers to customize products

Shoppers can do Product Customization

Customized products are really a thing these days. The demand has increased, so does sales. Looking by the trends, the tide is not going to simmer anytime soon.

The best part of allowing customers to design products is the effort they put in to create a product out of sheer love. Subconsciously (or consciously) during the process of choosing what fits and what doesn’t, the shoppers fall in love with the product.

This way, customer retention is made easy with the help of custom products as your brand is giving the option to create not just a product but to give life to their lifestyle with the help of customization.

Check out how Productimize is creating everlasting impressions for eCommerce brands across the world by building and integrating online stores with Product Customization feature to delight customers. Want to get into the league? Well, get in touch right away!

Show customers how you work

Office Behind The Scenes - Product CustomizationYour employees work hard everyday to satisfy your customers. But are we showing our online shoppers how hard we work every day to make their lives better?

Give your consumers behind-the-scenes videos of your employees within your company. It is a brilliant way to build trust and a strong connection within your circle of existing clients. Your online shoppers will love feeling a part of your brand and this can be easily done when you share videos of your people creating with love what the customers have ordered etc. This gives a face value for your company & brands survive the heat when customers stay with them.

Re-telling the same sentence quoted in the beginning: Happy customers make more happy customers! So, make sure your relationship with every shopper goes beyond the purchase to establish a beautiful connection.

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