Custom Monogram & Embroidery: Boost Your Sales via Personalization

“We live and breathe words.”
– Cassandra Clare

Words stay with us, long after they are said or we have read or listened. Words are the way people perceive others, the way we inspire other humans, and the way we caress other people. One kind word can change someone’s entire day. A few words of hope from the ones we admire can encourage us to strive harder.

Words are not just words. They are something more – creating an everlasting impact on the ones who read and listen to them.

Words Craft Moments And Create Memories

The first time a baby ever utters a word. The comforting words of hope our loved ones tell us when nothing seems to go right. The words of motivation our teachers and mentors pass on to us before we embark on the quest of life. These moments, and many more like them, where words have been spoken, read or heard somewhere become a part of our lives forever, sparkling and charming us. Thinking of those moments even now instills hope and courage to move ahead in life, conquering many more adversities and boundaries.

What if you had an option to have those words of charm besides you always to light up your life? What if you had the chance to relive those magical words that glitter with you every day until eternity? What if you had the opportunity to engrave the words you love on the products you love? With custom monogrammed gifts, people can get both the words and products they cherish and keep them close to their hearts.

Monogram, Embroidery, And More…

Inspire a new meaning and deeper connections with the products you own.

Technically put, Monogramming is a design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combined or interlaced (commonly one’s initials), often printed on stationery, clothing, accessories, apparel, and so on.

Haven’t we all loved a handkerchief our granny had sewn and gifted us with our name on it? Well, we do have other handkerchiefs, but why are we extra affectionate with that handkerchief in particular? Because, as discussed earlier, it is more than just a handkerchief. It was sewn not only with needles and cotton but with extra care and love attached, making that our prized possession. Every time you see that kerchief, you feel a sense of belonging, and the product serves its purpose. This is what monogramming does – creating products which possess a deep connection to your life.

Monogramming does not limit itself to handkerchiefs alone. There is a wide range of products that can be customized the way you want and custom monogrammed with the words/phrases you love. On your favorite hoodie, t-shirt, or watch. On your stationery or your toys. On coffee mugs or pendants. You can even gift your new puppy a bowl with his name on it, and make him the happiest puppy on the block (if he could only understand what was written on it). The options are limitless and the list is endless!

Personalized Monogram In Product Customization

The advent of Product Customization has made things more seamless (and sweeter) by giving customers ultimate control over the kinds of products they want to purchase.

Not just the above sentiment, but even stats echo the same. Take a look.

Personalized monogram software, when integrated with Product Customization in your online store, helps customers engrave their names, letter, favorite phrases, sweet messages, or anything with words. This, in recent times, has been one of the most sought after functions for online stores, owing to its popularity.

From allowing real-time display, vast options of text fonts, and many colors to choose from, Monogramming possesses all the necessary little delights to make the online shopping experience remarkable for the customer.

How Monogramming Helps Brands

Low-Cost Customer Acquisition

The hard-to-digest fact is that trends never stay the same.

Often, we see certain products become viral overnight, and similarly, have seen products disdained by customers in just a matter of time. There might be various factors surrounding the sudden upsurge or drop in popularity – sleek features, pricing, mixed reviews, or maybe just the personal perspective of the customers.

In such times, it is safer when you play to the gallery by enhancing your store with the latest features and offering exceptional services, but for how long will they sustain? Will they fade out along with the trends? One of the proven methods over the last few years, to attract and acquire customers, has been with Personalization in a cost-effective manner.

When visitors walk into your store and find they are given an option to check out the design process, it is enchanting for any customer. Take a look at how enjoyable customization is.

Cater The Needs

One of the hardest nuts to crack for most businesses is the answer to this question: what does the customer want? Some strategies work, some don’t. Some products rise, some falter. No one truly knows why, and all the enticement we try to do is fair play.

Again, thanks to the emergence of Product Customization, we can now ascertain (to a certain extent) the customer buying behavior by the kind of products they purchase.

With regards to Custom Monogrammed Gifts, if there is a specific word or phrase in pop-culture which is in trend, online stores can auto-load it on products and have it ready for immediate sale. Take the Avengers: End Game movie, for example. The words #WhateverItTakes became famous during its release and netizens have loved using that phrase. So, what we are trying to say here? Stay ahead of the competitors, and think of the best ways to woo your customers.

Real-Time Display

Customers get the look and feel of the engravement as they design.

Product customization is a process where customers have ultimate control of the design process. Real-time display enhances the shopping experience, as customers can see how the product looks immediately and whenever they apply changes.

As Monogramming is all about words, customers can actually see what those magic words look like when they are placed on the product they love. Customers are also given multiple fonts, colors, and mascots to choose from.

User Generated Content (UGC)

“UGC is the most effective way to reach your audience. Not only will your followers relate better to their peers than to professional marketers, but soliciting customer content is a proven way to deepen the emotional connection with your brand and strengthen the community. Keeping the bar high will also challenge customers to emulate your brand aesthetic.”

-Jake Kassan, CEO and Co-Founder MVMT Watches

UGC is the content which has been highlighted by people who avail our products or services – customers sharing their happiness after using our products. Such posts do more than just increase our brand reach, but also upscale our credibility in the minds of social media users. The power of UGC is quickly visible, and all that the brands have to offer are top notch customization features like monogramming, and many more.

There is no doubt that allowing your customers to enable monogramming will establish an everlasting connection between the product and the buyer. Foreseeing this scenario, businesses are confident there would be more demand to engrave on goodies. Make the change NOW!

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