We all love when our Mom or Grandma present us a knitted sweater which she makes it with her own hands. Reason for our love towards their present is because of its personal touch and unique message the sweater carries along with. It can be our initials or pet’s name or sometimes a deep message that explains our special relationship with them.

Thanks to technology. Nowadays, new and upcoming brands can also build the same relationship with their consumers by providing options for consumers to engrave their names, monikers or anything they wish to convey using the monogram design software.

What Monogram Design Softwares Do:

In context to eCommerce world, the monogramming software makes it possible for online consumers to write their message on top of the product and visualize how it looks in real time. Product Customization & Visualization tools remove the guesswork, and the buyers won’t get disappointed once the product arrives.

Before we delve into the benefits of providing monogramming options, let’s look at a live example of monogramming on a product. Shown below is Productimize’s recent work with Canada’s leading bicycle wear seller Garneau for their new brand Connec Outdoors which caters products for outdoor adventure lovers. To make their apparels personnel, we have integrated our product with their Shopify store making it easy for adventure lovers to place an order on personalized/customized trekking gears.

Here is a list of benefits new age brands can get by providing the monogramming option in their online store.

Low-Cost Customer Acquisition

Most of the brands spend their budget on marketing or in making an intuitive website to acquire new customers. Of Course, these investments pay, but to witness a drastic change they need to offer something special to stand out from the crowd. Personalization is one such way that helps to acquire new customers in a cost-effective manner.

Let’s look at the two scenarios shared below to understand how product customization can bring in new customers.

Scenario 1 – Before Purchase:

Customers during the process of buying a customized product, they tend to share the image or link of the designed product with their friends and close circle to get their opinion. It gives them a clarity on whether they are ordering the right product with the right design. This way online brands can get free exposure and chances are there for others who may also want to give it a try when they look for that product next time.

Scenario 2 – After Purchase:

When a consumer buys a customized product, there are high chances of sharing their creation in social channels and boasts about the product with their peer group. In this way, online stores can acquire brand exposure and new audience without doing the heavy lifting of marketing activities.

Feedback Loop

One common question among all business owners is “What does the customer really want?”. Executives spend most of their time solving this million dollar question. Customization acts as a major measurable tool to answer the above question. Customers get the privilege of designing what they exactly want. Once we collect some reliable data, analysts can easily find a pattern with consumer behavior.

Brands like Adidas have used customization to get direct insights from consumers which helped them to understand better than the regular surveys. And, these insights directed them to concentrate more on things which mattered to the end users. Customization acts as a feedback loop for the enterprise to know their customers’ pulse and stay ahead in the competitive market.

User-Generated Content

Most underrated marketing tactic is  UGC aka User Generated Content and most of the brands use social media channels to generate/distribute the UGC content.

“UGC is the most effective way to reach your audience. Not only will your followers relate better to their peers than to professional marketers, but soliciting customer content is a proven way to deepen the emotional connection with your brand and strengthen the community. Keeping the bar high will also challenge customers to emulate your brand aesthetic.” — Jake Kassan, CEO and Co-Founder MVMT Watches

When brands deploy monogramming options, they can take up the designs created by their consumers and share it with the outside world. More than a branded content, user-generated content adds trust and value. More importantly, UGC’s makes it easy for the millennials to relate with the brand.


Final Thoughts:

As a custom integrator, we have witnessed how brands utilize monogramming and got huge success among their customers. We are one hundred percent sure that in the next 5 – 10 years, monogramming will become a norm for every eCommerce brand.



Prabhu is a Digital Marketer at Productimize. He takes care of content creation and distribution through social channels.

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