Next Wave In Jewelry Industry - Productimize

Earlier this year, National Retail Federation forecasted that non-store sales will grow 8-12% in 2017. As we are half through this year, we can clearly witness their forecast becoming true.

The jewelry market, a 70 billion dollar industry places itself in a great position to take advantage of this consumer behavior.

Since late 2010, we have witnessed more and more eCommerce stores in jewelry segment has got investors attention and capture considerable market share.

And more recently, we are observing that consumer needs more personalized jewelry. Big players in jewelry industry have already started to provide tailor made products through their offline stores. And we expect the same trend will continue in online too.

As an online jewelry provider, the retailer has a huge advantage over brick and mortar store retailers to delight their customer by selling customized products.

By integrating customization engine like productimize, online retailers can give options for their clients to choose from wide variety of diamond cuts, ring style, and different colour options.

eCommerce store who provide customized products not only increase their brand loyalty among consumer at the same time, this helps to get more exposure to their brands through word of mouth.

If you are interested in integrating product customization to your online store, we are happy to set it up for you.



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