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Have you ever downloaded an image from the internet and then printed it, only to have the results be less than you expected? The image looked great on your computer screen, but when you printed it, it either printed at the size of a postage stamp or it printed at a decent size but looks “bulky” or blurry?

Problem: When you downsize a hi-res image you will not lose the image quality, but when you increase the size of the image and achieve the same result.

The larger you scale an image, the lower the quality of the image becomes.

Sample principle applies to zooming the image. As I’m sure you have noticed before, when zooming in on an image or scaling an image up, the image loses detail and becomes pixelated (blocky). This is because images are made of these little blocks called pixels.

Image source: Modassic

In order to solve this problem, productimize helps you to upload the eps file so that when you scale or resize the quality of the image it doesn’t affect the image quality.    

In order to keep the image, resolution higher we at productimize verifies the DPI in order.

 Productimize resize the image through server side so that the quality of the image will be 99% same.

Productimize uses Interpolation for correcting for lens distortion, changing perspective, and rotating an image.   We can showcase the uploaded image in any degree over the product (In our client site caregatto uploaded image appears as a rhombus.)

Upload From Instagram:

Previously we allowed store users to upload images from their desktop/mobile phones directly. To take this further, we have added a new feature where end users can upload images from their Instagram directly.

And we started to see our retailers are getting higher engagement because of this option.

We are rolling out more and more new features in coming months and our team is fully excited for 2018.

Please comment your thoughts on this new feature or if you have a specific feature that you think we should have then feel free to comment below.

Vishnu Priya

Vishnu Priya

Vishnupriya is one of the young Magento Developer in DCKAP. She started her career in Magento and continue building SAAS based products. She is one of the core member in Productimize team in DCKAP. She used to play Table Tennis in her leisure time. She is fond of photography and loves to take selfies.

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