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Our product team is in full swing and successfully shipped the new product feature clipart functionality which was highly requested by our existing retail customers.

Clipart Functionality

With this new feature, retailers can provide option for their customers to pick from pre-populated images or symbols and place it over customization piece.

Previously, we had only image upload functionality where end-user can upload their own image. With the new feature, customers can choose from existing collection or they can upload their own image for customization.

Store admin can create the clipart category from customization admin and will add the clipart images.

Once the clipart category and clipart images has done. You can assign the created category to a specific product in the tab details.

Once the custom product details (images) completed. The clip-art images will able to see in the product page.

If you are interested in integrating product customization to your online store, we are happy to set it up for you.

Thanga Durai

Thanga Durai

Thangadurai is one of our senior software engineers and is Magento Developer Plus Certified. A fitness enthusiast, he tones his body when not fine tuning his code. Listening to music and playing Table Tennis are his other hobbies.

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