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The rise of product customization was foreseen and felt.

The need to satisfy customers is a never-ending process, and brands have implemented several possibilities to cater to their needs. One such way is product customization – letting customers FULLY design the product in the way they envision, thus giving full control to the online shopper.

Increasing customer loyalty, generating more sales, optimizing online shopping experiences, creating a strong online presence, and experiencing fewer returns are just some of the stellar factors why brands gravitate towards customization. The trend is picking up the pace right now, and in a few years, every online shop will most likely integrate customization features, as the demand is ever growing.

A study by Deloitte states 36% of purchasers are willing to buy customized products, and 20% are willing to pay even more for a personalized product. The stats are spiking, and the sales are surreal. Companies are coming up with trendy and posh design options to allure customers. But at the same time, it is equally important to know how and if the customers love the customization services we provide.

Do online shoppers like the customization choices we provide? Are the features and the whole process user-friendly? Is there a necessity to integrate newer features since this is an overnight-trend-changing market space? Such doubts are natural for every brand offering personalization because every business wishes their products and services to be loved by all. Listening to feedback and analyzing how our services are faring is a crucial factor for any brand’s growth.

Productimize offers best in class analytical dashboards, which generate rich metrics and real-time data visuals. With the help of these dashboards, businesses can understand the sales and product performance of their customization features.

It’s time to take a step back to analyze, understand, make the necessary changes, and retake the leap of faith.

Analytics can be generated from four factors:

  • Sales Performance
  • Product Performance
  • Customization Insights
  • Sales Forecasting


Productimize ULTIMATE – Now With Rich Dashboard & Analytics


Sales Performance

Assess and redefine sales!

The dashboard Productimize offers is designed for enterprises in a way that offers crystal clear insights about sales performance in a single glance. With the help of this dashboard, it is convenient for businesses to track sales each day by generating the number of orders and total sales – and everything is done with a single click.

Product Performance

Offer nothing but the best!

The product performance analytics dashboard assists brands in comprehending how good their products are received in the market. With rich, inbuilt features, it is also now possible to know precisely which product is the most sought after for customization. Also, it gives you the data on which month and which day the sales were high for a specific (or all) products.

Customization Insights

Time to customize your customization.

This is one of the most striking highlights in our dashboards – giving clear insights about the customization features. Just like how a lot of materials go into the process of manufacturing a product. Similarly, a lot of backend micro and macro integrations are what makes customization possible for the customers to design. To name a few: color, material, text, images, options to upload custom images, clipart, monograms, etc.

Only when brands know what customization features are selling like hot cakes, they can maintain and upkeep stock as long as there is a demand for those distinct features. Apart from that, elements which do not illustrate the anticipated level of acknowledgment can be shelved and replaced with new customization options.

Sales Forecasting

Foresee your future!

Anticipating what customers are seeking and delivering the products accordingly might double up our revenue. Productimize has the right dashboard in place, fitted with the latest AI models to foresee the future deals with accurate precision and sales flow.

This element will set the business target, maintain stock and gauge the remaining tasks at hand. Utilizing this feature, brands can identify future deals and complete the process efficiently, rather than searching each time and requirement on the schedule tab.

Now that you know customizations can be finetuned and enhanced regularly with the help of Productimize’s Analytical Dashboards, it’s time you see the bright picture of how your personalization features are performing in the market. This, for sure, will enrich customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

Offer top-class customization features, and keep a tab to see how they fare, with Productimize Ultimate. Contact us to embark on a journey with personalization.



Working as a Data Scientist in Productimize at DCKAP. He is passionate Data Science learner having 3 years experience in an analytical field. He loves solving puzzles and good in logical reasoning. He always likes to deliver the best out of it.

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