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Product personalization is all about the experience!

A customized product is much more than just another product purchased. So, what can brands do to improve online shopping and purchasing experience of customized products?

Building eCommerce websites is not as complicated as earlier. Thanks to modern eCommerce platforms, which made things more relaxed by allowing (even beginners) to create compelling websites in a compact time.

But buying a custom product takes more time than a regular product as there is both mind and heart engagement. Let’s take a look at what brands should (and must) do to elevate the shopping vibes.

Optimize your online store

Optimize your online store

The average conversion rate is 2.35% only. Take a guess of how many visitors a site needs for conversions. Yes, optimization is no piece of cake. But if done correctly with quality content, optimized images, and landing pages, you are sure to open new avenues.

An optimized website becomes more effective for your business. See better conversion rates, watch out for more website traffic, and of course — an increase in revenue.

Real time display of design

Real time display of designLet your shoppers stay with the product from start to end. Visitors scroll to go through multiple options before their heart says “this is the one” and finalize the customization.

Whatever color they select, the text they incorporate, and the features they prefer… let the changes be instantly revealed on the same screen so customers can undo or redo if not pleased with the current design.

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing their design in real-time. 😉

Mobile device user experienceMobile user experience

46% of shoppers feel waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the web on mobile. Users want to quickly find what they are looking at the online store without having to spend time hopping from one landing page to another.

Having a pleasant UX coupled with stellar customization features does make a difference. Do not go gentle into making your online product customization as mobile-friendly. We never know where your customers step in.

Brownie Point: Focusing on mobile supported personalization helps improve sales as well as product growth.

Your UI and UX should communicate

  1. Customization must be a joy to use.
  2. Customization should not be complicated.

Your UI and UX should communicateWe know it’s easier said than done. But we also know that if it can be said, then very well it can be done.

A study says excellent UX design can boost conversion rates up to 400 percent. Yes, you heard it right!

From the start, until the product is designed, the whole flow should be simplistic and seamless. Make your online store tempting to be used. Make it colorful, vivid, filled with rich imagery, and see the magic happen.

Compelling customization options

Compelling customization optionsSome customers are definite about how the product must be. Some customers settle on the go, as they design. Whoever it may be, brands must offer as many choices for customers to delight them.

Imagine customers getting to look at every tiny detail of the product. That’s what 3D Product Visualization does — a surreal experience guaranteed.

Also, options to add text, images, clipart, change product colors, engrave names, modify the size, and switch textures are some of the most-sought after customization features customers crave.

The market is ever-changing. Your brand too, should adapt and change.

Whether creating outstanding customization experiences or setting up personalization for your online store, Productimize got your back! Get in touch so we can create fantastic purchasing experiences together.

Udhaya Kumar

Udhaya Kumar

Udhay is a pixel perfect responsive front-end designer focused on product development through ideation, prototyping, problem-solving, and UI & UX design. He has a strong core of creative and technical skills for digital product development. Expertise in e-commerce website design and development.

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