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Vegas! When my boss asked me if I want to attend imagine 2018 this year, I was super excited, because that would be my maiden event at Vegas! Moreover, I’m gonna go away from the 100-degree hot summer at least for a while (yep, I’m traveling all the way from India).

Road to Imagine

Me and my peer Mohan Natarajan, who is heading the extensions department at DCKAP, started around Saturday in the early morning flight and we took a Heathrow layover and landed in Vegas on Saturday night.

The first day at Vegas started with the Magento Run on Sunday morning (#Bigdamrun) and we went for a 6K run which really helped us to avoid those jet lags.

We got a couple of more colleagues around noon and we went for a team lunch. Later which, there was a wonderful partner event by Magento and it was good to meet the agencies across the globe. Then we had a preimagine party that was super cool and colorful.

Day 1

Our first day started on Monday at Booth #116 and the inbound traffic to the booth this time was overwhelming. Yep, the overall attendee was 30% higher compared to last year! Since I’m heading a different business unit Productimize (custom configurator solution by DCKAP) I had to say I got a chance to talk to merchants most of the time.

Ideas we concurred

Compared to last 2 years things are evolving sooner in the eCommerce space and merchants wanted to meet customer expectations in different ways and one of them is providing an option for them to customize/personalize and buy the products based on individual persons taste. Keeping our recent implementations in mind we also found both the conversion rate and mobile buyers increased by 2 to 3x*

Imagine 2018 productimize

Merchants were excited to see what Productimize can do to their current store and help them to start selling custom products in just a couple of weeks instead of waiting for 9-12 months.

We also have some of the current customers stopped by our booth to say Hi. Thanks, John, (Digital/Online Marketing manager at PDC – Brady Corp) for joining the lunch with us at imagine.

Day 2

The second day was overwhelming and we didn’t even have time for lunch or to rest. It was good to meet thousands of peoples and speak all things Magento and eCommerce. We came up with three products this time – Productimize (custom configurator solution), QA Touch (cloud eCommerce QA solution), and Clorus connector (Magento – ERP integration made easy).

Imagine 2018 productimize

I had to say I went to bed by mistake because of the tiredness and boy I’d have missed the legendary party on day two. Thanks to Mohan who came all the way to the room and woke me up and literally yelled at me for not being there. When you’re in Vegas you don’t have to worry about missing party timings, because peoples party like they will die tomorrow.

Imagine 2018 productimize

We were there till 2’clock (jet lag really helped here) and it was good to go visit the community and we had a great team dinner with Bart Jensen (SVP of Global client services).

A four-hour sleep won’t help you when you have to be in the booth all the time. We had coffee literally all the time in our booth just to ensure we don’t feel drowsy (of course who hates coffee). You might know how caffeine works.

Day 3

We had some back to back visitors to check in and see if we had any swags (rhino) leftover. Finally, the 3-day conference came to end by Wednesday afternoon and everyone flew back to their locations safely.

Imagine 2018 productimize

Overall, to conclude on a sensible note, this year’s Imagine was super productive and fun. I wish my boss asks me next year as well.

See you all next year on May 13-15, 2019

Our Swags

Imagine 2018 productimize Imagine 2018 productimize

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva Kumaar

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