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The journey of Productimize is both exciting and educational.  We value our customer’s feedback, and it has helped us to craft Productimize to deliver a better shopping experience.

After servicing clients across various industries through our Magento and Shopify app, we are embarking on a new journey with our BigCommerce customization app.

From now on retailers in the BigCommerce platform can improve their conversation by selling customized product by integrating our app with their stores.

In this article, we will walk you through the process store developers need to follow to install our customization app in a BigCommerce store.

App Installation and Domain Registration:

Step 1: Install productimize app by just two single clicks, Click on install and Accept the application scopes

Step 2: Register your domain with productimize with few more information, and now you can add a product with customizable options and link with your store products

Fig.1.1 App Installation

Product Configuration in Backend:

Step 3: Productimize provides you with the following customization options listed below,  

              Enable Options – Such as Color, Size, Material etc., of the product

              Enable Text – Custom Wordings, Greeting text on products

              Enable Image – Uploading Custom Images

              Enable Clipart – Adding Cliparts and many more designs to products

Step 4:  After adding options to configuring your store product, You can link your catalogue with productimize product. You can find the detailed steps in-app user guide.

Fig.1.2. App Backend Control Panel

Theme Changes:

Step 5:  Now with few more customization in store frontend theme, You can get your frontend page with customizable options for the product. You can find the detailed steps in-app user guide.

Step 6: Create an option set and SKU for the products based on the customization feature,  So that you can achieve Dynamic Pricing.

Fig.1.3. Frontend page

Step 7: Now you will be able to add the product to the cart with customized product images and personalized options then place the order.

I hope you got a fair idea about our integration with Bigcommerce. If you are interested in setting up customization for your store, feel free to reach us.



Madhavi, a software engineer at DCKAP, made her shift as a pure play product developer for Productimize. She handles the complete spectrum of product usability and support. Her passion lies in exploring and researching emerging technologies and how it can be implemented in Productimize. During her free time, you can see Madhavi indulged in travel with her latest collection of books.

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