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In the eCommerce industry, everyone wants it “their way,” and consumers expect businesses to deliver custom options.

Think about how people order when you go to a restaurant. They want no tomato but add avocado, and the burger to be cooked medium-well, but not too well. So, in a nutshell; preferences rule the world.
Modern consumers expect the ability to customize anything and everything to fit their individual preferences.

If you want your business to become competitive in a global marketplace, you have to tune into what other companies are doing and then figure out how you can offer something more specific to your customers. In today’s day and age, most things have become customizable and in this article, we’d be specifically looking at shoe customization:

Supercharge your Shoe business with shoe customization

Customization refers to the tendency of incorporating personal choices in the product that becomes symbolic for the customers. In the digital era, when every product can afford custom designs, shoes are also in the race. The modern customers want footwear that not only matches their attire but also reflect a strong statement of their personality. Thus, customization offers a broad scope of expansion to the entrepreneurs in the shoe industry.

Give Fashion Edge to your customers:

Customers can select their design, top fabric, color, and other details of their footwear with high precision. They can choose from a wide range of styles including Sports Shoes, Loafers, Formal Shoes, Derby Boots, Oxford Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas Shoes, and Sandals.

In other cases, the customers can personalize their footwear by applying trademarks, logos, texts, text styles, clipart, and images from the extensive collection of the pre-loaded library of designs and art.

In case, at any point in time, the user feels that the final product doesn’t match with their expectations, it is always possible to go back and start from scratch. The customers can also share their creativity with their friends on the social network.

Shoe Customization

What does 3D Transformation look like?

3D is transforming the view of a wide range of fields globally. Interactive 3D is offering better ways to answer the very top questions every customer has;

“Is this product going to be exactly what I want?”

The ability to interact gives so much more. It is now widely acknowledged that online reviews and influencer trends are no longer enough. Customers want to feel products on several levels instead.
With this service, customers can experience the product from all angles and customize product attributes such as texture, color, and all other components. Customers can watch your product transform in real-time from any device without using plugins.

They can also configure custom designs even if you don’t have those specifics available. Once such a service is implemented, you can boost your eCommerce platform through the power of immersive visualization!

We did it with Alfred Cloutier

Custom Shoes Online

Alfred Cloutier boasts over 80 years of superior craftsmanship, mastering every step of the shoemaking art has established online custom products for their customers and which has been super victorious for the company. Alfred Cloutier’s commitment to beautiful and innovative custom shoes continues today. Here is how we did it for them and we have the same opportunity for you to give your brand the edge over others with the power of Productimize!

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