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In the present era, there is an explosive growth in e-commerce with billions of dollars worth of sales taking place each year. Today, thousands of businesses are completely dependent on the internet for their success. The Internet has emerged as a one-stop source of entertainment, information, social interaction and commerce.

The User Interface (UI), on the other hand, is the process of improving the presentation and the interactivity of the web application. It focuses on the app’s look and interacts with the users. Each screen, page, buttons and other visual elements you see while using an application is the User Interface of that application.


For success in any online business, a user-friendly website is a must as it will provide enhanced user experience to the online visitors. Any site that is too complex and difficult will definitely push away online traffic. The use of effective and simple user interface design will be of immense help in achieving the objectives of a website. A good user interface not only increases the site usability but also leads to the smooth completion of any task at hand thereby making everything enjoyable and flexible as per the requirements of users.

Productimize UI examples

Capture Attention at a First Glance by designing user-friendly application

The web application needs to be robust enough to impress users at very first sight. The user must be able to understand and operate the app easily and that makes the users fall in love with the application.


Simplicity speaks more. A simpler application is more user-friendly with easy navigation. And Web Product Development Company must make their apps simple enough to encourage its usability and installation.

User Privacy

Talking about social communication apps, communication over the social platforms facilitate business development and promotion of the products and the services offered by the web apps. Designers must highlight every feature of the app in detail so that users can trust them.

Attractive Appearance

A catchy user interface needs to be very attractive so that users can enjoy and feel comfortable while using it. UI design must be very responsive, simple and cater to the users’ frequently changing needs for any product development company. Try to add on features that users must like it.

Undo feature

At times, users mistakenly delete the data and information which is important to them and they may need the same for future reference too. The app must be designed in such a manner that data retrieval should be easy. There must be a way out to sort out the errors made by the users.

Feedback section

The web interface must be designed in such a way that users can add their comments, reviews or feedback. Feedback section is highly indispensable since it facilitates designers to know their areas of improvement.

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Udhaya Kumar

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