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The growth of Product Customization is out of this world!

Product Customization is picking up pace quicker than what the industry trends anticipated.

With a report by Statista, saying eCommerce sales are expected to rocket to $4.5 trillion by 2021, all we can say is that the market is vast and let’s hit the iron while it’s still hot.

Customization is Happiness Unlimited.

Giving customers full control over their shopping experiences has revitalized and rewritten retail trends in this era of eCommerce. A study by Deloitte says 36% of online shoppers want customized goods, and 20% of them are even okay with spending more for a product exclusively personalized. Product Customization is a force to be reckoned with, undoubtedly.

Do you have an online store, but not offering product customization? Well, maybe not today, but in the future – you will need to satisfy the customers.

Are you looking to offer product personalization & customization in your online store anytime soon? This blog offers a glimpse of how to choose the right agency to set up a Customization feature for your online store.

Product Customization Design

How To Choose The Right Agency for Product Customization

Integrating Product Customization with your online store must be a well-calculated leap of faith into a wonderland, and when you do that, make sure you choose a world-class agency which sets up the latest in-trend features to wow your customers. Check out the agency must-haves below.

3D Product Visualization

The most liberating UX for any customer is to have a look and feel of the products from every view. Choose an agency which offers this and gives an out-of-world customer shopping experience. 42% of online shoppers are more likely to buy when you provide 360-degree product photography.

Migration To Different Platforms

A best in class customization agency must be able to switch your online store to any eCommerce platform with zero data loss during migration.

Custom Product Sales Analytics Dashboard

Know how your custom products are faring in the market and scale-up. For this to happen, pick an agency which generates intuitive insights and reports.


Time is, indeed, everything. You must choose an agency who can quickly implement things for you, but with zero compromises on the quality aspect.

Unlimited Products and Orders

The agency must allow unlimited products and orders on the online store because you never know what the customers want and when.

Choosing The Right Agency for Product CustomizationText Setting and Monogram

Who does not love to own products with their letters or the names of their near and dear ones engraved on them? Ensure the agency offers Monogram as an option, and check out why we say Monogram is a big deal.

Mobile Responsiveness

In the years to come, mobile shopping will account for 53.3% of all eCommerce sales in the US. Need we say more? Mobile Responsiveness is a must.

Order Management Dashboard

Online stores need to have a low effort dashboard in the backend to manage orders and ensure seamless collaboration of tasks within the company.

Image and Clipart Upload

Give customers the option to upload pictures on the products during customization, and hence give preference to an agency which does this the best way.

Multi Everything

Let there be multi-language, multi-store, multi-currency, or multi-anything. These days, it is possible to sell anywhere. Make your presence felt across the globe.

Start Over – UNDO, REDO, Save for Later

Customization is all about choices. Verify if the agency gives options to undo and redo designs. Also, this lets customers save their designs to be resumed at a later time.

Social Sharing

When customers become designers, let the world see how they did it. Know if the agency enables social sharing to spread the word about your company.

UX of Choice

Every online store is built after meticulous planning, and the agency you decide on must design your UX of choice without compromise on brand guidelines.

Print Ready Files

Prefer a firm which works for you by sending the final design as a print-ready file in widely used formats, such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, VECTOR, EPS, etc.

Now that you know the must-haves for any top class agency for Product Customization, you might want to check out Productimize – the Enterprise Customization Platform that has powered personalization to 30+ world class brands, such as Blue Sky, Susan Lanci, Abott Lyon,, and more.

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