How Product Customization can increase your online revenue by 3x [Webinar] - Productimize

One of the most frequently asked questions by Retailers is “How can I increase my revenue without investing heavily or with a little investment?”. If you want to significantly boost your online revenue, then product customization should be at the top of your list.

With the right marketing strategy, you can boost your online sales, and establish a meaningful long-term relationship with your customers through product configurator solutions.

If you’ve been wondering how to successfully launch product customization, this webinar is for you. We will cover some key tactics that you can use as a part of the strategy.

In this webinar, Productimize team will show you how to increase your online sales, conversion rate, customer engagement, and customer loyalty.

What you can learn:

  • How some of the industry leading retailers are changing the way they sell online
  • Best practices
  • How to start selling custom products

When: 12/5, Wednesday at 8.00 am PT

Hosted by: Shiva Kumaar, Sales & Partnerships Manager


Shiva Kumaar

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva is the Strategy Manager leading the business efforts and global partnerships of DCKAP Digital Products. He is passionate about eCommerce and SaaS products, he loves tech startups. Regardless of the role, his blogs are unbiased. An avid gadget lover and a mobile enthusiast.

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