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Retail both online and offline has been disrupted. The way we purchase goods or services has completely changed in the last 10-15 years.

What has changed?

According to Doug Stephens, the retail expert a couple of things have changed –

The first is the commoditization of goods and services, for people increasingly want to buy them at the greatest possible convenience and the lowest possible price.

The second is the shift into the Experience Economy. Goods and services are no longer enough; people increasingly desire experiences—memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way.

To provide a great shopping experience, online stores are pioneering new trends like chatbot assistant, personalized website content, online & offline store integration and more.

One such upcoming trend is engraving, this functionality provides great USP for retailers. Engraving offers many opportunities to generate sales and profits. Being able to engrave a personal message in your products will skyrocket your customer’s interest and ROI.

Brands can provide engraving options to site visitors by two ways. One by building up their own engraving functionality within their store or they can purchase a customizer from third-party vendors as a plugin and integrate with their existing website.

Let’s view in detail about the second option.

There are many tools which provide customization engines with engraving functionality and they can be added to your store in a cost-effective way.

One among them is Productimize

Our Engraving Software Features

Monogram Capability

Retailers can empower their customers to turn mass-produced products into creatively unique products by allowing them to add their initials or characters based on their choice.

The UK based Jewelry seller Abbott Lyon makes this possible for their customers by allowing them to add alphabetical characters and symbols/special characters like heart and ‘&.’

Colour Configurator

The customer can add effects to preloaded design templates or upload custom images and add interesting color effects. The customer can also add appealing filters, mask effect and edit an image as per their design needs.

Save & Social Share

Productimize allows customers to store their creations and edit/purchase at a later time. This feature will enable customers to share their designs with their friends/others through social media before or after the purchase.

Dynamic Pricing Update

Productimize provides options for sellers to tag price point for each element in a product. Product prices will vary based on the elements chosen by the customer during customization.

Print Ready Files

Manufacturers receive the design instantly as a print-ready file. Retailers have the option to configure the print ready file in a format with which they are comfortable. Productimize provides print-ready files in PDF, EPS, TIF, PNG formats.

Pre Loaded Clipart

The customer don’t need to start from scratch when it comes to design. They can take inspirations from pre-populated clipart for product designs. Brands have the control over the kind of images they accept from the customer.

Retailers have to create innovative experiences for their discerning customers or be commoditized. If the store can be imagined as a media, then the experience is the marketing.

The best way to generate demand for your retail offerings is through an experience so engaging that consumers can’t help but spend time in your place, give you their attention, and buy your offerings as a result.

Engraving is one such way to engage the customer and also to make a profit from such an engagement. 



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