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No longer is eCommerce ‘just another way’ to generate revenue. Frost & Sullivan predicted B2B eCommerce would hit $6.6 trillion by 2020. If B2B itself has so much potential to grow sales, let us speculate on how much revenue B2C will generate.

What if your store is not open when a customer decides to purchase something? What if the buyer is living far from where your retail store is located? What if the customer does not have the time to travel there all the way to purchase something? All of these ‘what if’ scenarios are a prospective loss of customers.

Having an online store is a boost for the overall growth of your business in many ways. Customers can order anytime they want, from wherever they are, and the shipment knocks on their door in just a matter of time.

If you are thinking of establishing an online store and not sure which option to choose, we present you with BigCommerce – which has helped over 60,000 sites across the globe to develop a niche for themselves in the online space. BigCommerce serves 120+ countries, generating $17 billion merchant sales so far, which are only anticipated to increase.

With stunning, user-friendly templates, market-leading sales tools to increase your revenue, and powerful built-in features to take you from one stage of growth to the next, BigCommerce must be on your consideration list if you are thinking of re-platforming or stepping into an online stream.

Why is BigCommerce a great eCommerce platform?

Enterprise eCommerceWe have compiled a list of stellar features offered by BigCommerce, which make it stand out in terms of service and quality.

Discover. Design. Delight.

Design is an essential facet of forming a perspective and outlook on the services/products offered. Choose from a wide range of readymade templates available to make your site visually appealing. BigCommerce themes are built from the latest web development trends to provide the higher performance, faster website access, SEO optimized, AMP supported and more. BigCommerce’s new stencil design is dynamic with a cleaner development process, flexible template systems and its Themes’ UI/UX are also optimized for mobile users.

Safe and Secure

While building a site is one task, maintaining it is another. When you create your website with BigCommerce, it has an average uptime of more than 99.99% and accelerates loading. Security is the utmost concern of any technology leader. Keeping in mind 64% of data breaches affect customer loyalty, BigCommerce uses Google Cloud DDoS mitigation services and has shielded the site with multiple layers of security. Every part of the BigCommerce platform is built with security as a priority.


Drive traffic

BigCommerce comes with built-in marketing and SEO tools. While you take care of the strategies and marketing campaigns, the site’s powerful marketing add-ons give you the fuel to accelerate. BigCommerce believes that a simple SEO campaign can result in increasing sales by hundreds, and backlinks from other websites with high domain authority to your website improves the rankings more than any other ranking factor.

Convert visitors into buyers

Sites powered by BigCommerce have dozens of features to optimize for website conversion and convert visitors into prospective buyers. You can also recover 15% abandoned carts and increase 12% conversion rate through the streamlined checkout process. The way ‘cutting board’ managed conversions would be one of the best examples of driving 48% revenue growth and saw a drastic increase in sales.

Multiple payment gateways

BigCommerce accepts a wide range of payment gateways to ensure shoppers have seamless payment options in sync to place their order. This also helps to increase mobile conversion, and it benefits the growth of your average order value. BigCommerce accepts both International and local payment methods and makes it easy to take payments from anywhere around the world. Also, any payment gateway can be integrated, and BigCommerce does not charge a penalty fee for using the preferred solutions.

Ship smart

Sellers no longer have to worry about the shipment process. Real-time shipping quotes for various shipping options are integrated within your online store. Even Dropshipping integration is available to ensure smooth delivery of every order. BigCommerce Shipping gives BigCommerce merchants pre-negotiated, industry best rates, access to multi-carrier bulk label printing, and the ability to define exactly which shipping options they want their shoppers to see.

Analyze and adapt

It is crucial to understand the market, especially when we are living in a world where trends change overnight. Combining enterprise functionality, an open architecture, and app ecosystem, and market-leading performance, BigCommerce enables businesses to grow online sales with 80% less cost, time and complexity than on-premise software. BigCommerce provides metrics and detailed reports to analyze the business and adapt accordingly.

Sell across the globe

eCommerce is all about making your products/services available in every nook and corner of the world. With international payment gateways and local language integration, global selling is now more comfortable than ever.

Hassle-free integration

Integration enhances your site and takes it to the next level. BigCommerce offers a wide range of recommended applications and integrations in the field of Marketing, accounting and many more, which can be seamlessly and effectively integrated into your online store. Here are some apps and integrations to customize the online store to make you stand out.

Scale with API’s

Choose from a wide range of open API’s available to scale and develop your business effectively. The BigCommerce control panel itself hosts many powerful tools to use. BigCommerce provides a wide range of API’s that makes implementations as simple as possible.

API Docs

S. No             



Download Schema



The Catalog API manages products, brands, and categories for a store.

Download Catalog API


Store Information

Get system timestamp and basic store information.

Download Store Information API



Manage currency displayed on the storefront.

Download Currency API



Get a list of states and countries.

Download Geography API


Tax Class

Get available tax classes on a store.

Download Tax Class API


Storefront Cart

Create a cart or scrape cart data from the front end.

Download Storefront Cart API


Storefront Checkout

Create a checkout or scrape checkout data from the front end.

Download Storefront Checkout API


Server-to-Server Cart

Create a cart and bypass the BigCommerce front end.

Download Server-to-Server Cart API


Server-to-Server Checkout

Create a checkout and bypass the BigCommerce front end.

Download Server-Server Checkout API



Create and manage orders.

Download Orders API


Order Transactions

View order payment information.

Download Order Transactions API


Storefront Orders

View storefront order information.

Download Storefront Orders API



Manage store customers.

Download Customers API


V3 Customers

Manage store customers. To learn about using V3 Customers vs V2 Customers, see Customers Overview.

Download V3 Customers API



Manage newsletter subscribers.

Download Subscribers API


Price Lists

Create variations of catalog pricing.

Download Price Lists API



Add a script to a stores page.

Download Scripts API



Create and manage Coupons, Banners and Gift Certificates.

Download Marketing API


Enabled Payment Methods

Get a list of available payment methods in a store.

Download Payment Methods API


Process Payments

Process payments on orders or checkouts. There are two APIs used to process payments. Get the payment access token then process the payment.

Payment Token & Payment Methods, Process Payment



Create and manage shipping methods and zones.

Download Shipping API


Store Content

Manage the store’s blog, web pages, and redirects.

Download Store Content API



Manage the store’s themes.

Download Themes API



Programmatically inject content into a BigCommerce theme.

Download Widgets API



Wishlist API allows a developer to create and manage customer wishlists.

Download Wishlist API

Industry-leading support

From the time you decide to switch to BigCommerce until the site goes live, customer support is available 24/7 in case there are any issues during the process. With over 90% first-call resolution and support calls answered within 2 minutes, BigCommerce expertly trained team is ready to answer your questions 24/7 – you can reach out to the BigCommerce support team here.

Collaborate and sell

BigCommerce becomes the first cloud-based commerce platform to natively support selling on Amazon. Websites are not the only region where there is traffic. Millions of people visit eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Since platforms like Facebook have partnered with BigCommerce to streamline the pixel placement process, Omni-Channel Integrations are now easier and the products/services can be made available everywhere.

You don’t need to be a developer to manage & build

MerchantHaving read through all the fantastic features so far, do you still have any lingering doubts on what to choose for continuous site development? Well, the best thing about BigCommerce is that low-effort developing knowledge is the only requirement to maintain the site, from uploading products and images to imbibing landing pages and making the occasional changes.

The entrepreneur or the business owners themselves can make changes to the existing site, without needing to depend on others.

Pricing Plans

Whether yours is a business that has just started or it is an established company, whether you have a big budget allocation in place or a minimal amount, BigCommerce caters to everyone, encouraging all companies to achieve a robust online presence.

The pricing is transparent, as shown on their site.









However, the Pro Plan also comes with excellent features like customer groups and segregation, abandoned cart recovery, 24/7 customer support, stored credit cards, Google customer reviews, custom SSL, and more. Choosing a Pro-Plan also helps to boost your online sales by $400,000 per year.

If you want to choose Enterprise, you can explore and analyze their site to get in touch with the team.

Here are a few beautiful sites running on BigCommerce

Skull Candy

Skullcandy, a class apart audio equipment brand that specializes in wireless headphones, earbuds, and speakers, won BigCommerce’s 2018 design award for Best New Website Design.

Gillette On Demand


Gillette on Demand lets you shave on your terms. Customers can order quality razors once, or sign up for a recurring shave plan. With three simple steps, buyers can have razors delivered right to their doorsteps.



Woolrich is the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the United States. From 1830 to this day, they have surpassed and survived through every market shift by delivering top-notch products. See how they carved out their site beautifully with BigCommerce.

Austin Bazaar

Austin Bazaar Music

Austin Bazaar is an online musical instrument retailer, shipping out thousands of musical instruments across the USA and providing personalized service to customers. They stock an extensive selection of music instruments from trusted name brands like Fender, Takamine, and Yamaha.


Bliss spa is often credited for starting the mid-1990’s spa boom. Its products and services are marketed with humorous names and slogans, and by a playful “Blissgirl” character illustration which appears on products, catalogs, and the company website. Theirs is one of the most visually appealing sites.

Still, need more information, or want help on integrating BigCommerce to enhance your business? Contact us and we will guide you through each step, providing you with a better understanding.

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