Why eCommerce Store Should Have Visual Product Configurator

Online stores have moved from just a primary HTML website to a place where you get a fully personalized welcome message with your name on it.

amazon.com website when it launched

Thanks to technology, now you can send someone a potato with a personalized message or you can pull a prank on your office colleagues with unusual items from prank place.

As more and more people are started to trust interweb, the global online retail sales have climbed to 2.3 trillion U.S dollars and its projected to hit 4.44 trillion U.S dollars by 2021.

I can visualize how high you are jumping after looking at the stats and how confident you are towards the future.

But, please control yourself. You can make all the money and grab a big bite of pie ONLY when your eCommerce business stays RELEVANT to current trends.

As a retailer, you can invest in few key things like a)Chatbot integration b)Content Personalization, c) Visual product customizer and more.  I don’t want you to bombard you with a plethora of information.

In this blog post, we will talk in detail about the importance of product visualizer with examples and how it can maximize your ROI.

Read on to discover how to use Product Visualizer to

      – Get higher engagement on product pages.

      – Upsell your existing product

      – Turn your customer to brand ambassadors.

Why You Need Product Visual Customizer?

Say yes if you have been in a similar situation

“You have a beautiful store, customers visit and reasonable percentage of visitors place an order. After a period of time, you hit a plateau on growth.”

You have done everything that could be done to improve sales and conversion rate, but you are not going anywhere. Don’t worry; we got you covered.

The solution is Visual Product Configurator.

When you have configurator in your store, it makes it easy to stand out from a crowded market. Configurators open up a massive gate for consumers to design the product based on their preference.

How its solves sales problem:

<span”>Since the site visitor has taken time to design the product. So, the chance of sales is high. And based on a recent study from Bain & Co, consumers have expressed that they are ready to pay 20-30% higher for customized products. Which solves your sales problem, by selling the same number of products you can make more.

Note: Don’t leave money on the table.

How it solves conversion problem:

Human is a visual hunger animal; our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. By presenting your product with vibrant visuals, you guide them to take decision quicker, which improves the overall conversion rate.

source: OptimalTargeting

What is real Visual Customizer?

Visualizer Customization is empowering store visitors to customize the products based on their personal preference.

Many online stores say they provide customization option. But when you click on “ Customize ” button, this is what you see. ?

sample boring personalization form ?

They show a dull text form which requires the user to fill out their preference. In this case, the user has no clue how the actual product looks.

Instead, stores should have highly configurable customizer which allows site visitors to design the end-product and the changes should reflect in real-time.

Visualizer helps the visitor to taste how the final product looks and makes it easy to decide at the moment.

Types of eCommerce Visual Customizer

Text input: Where users have the option to input text over the product. Configurators should provide choice to move and place the text wherever they feel appropriate.

  • Colour modifier: With customizers, customers are not tied to merely multiple colours of the product. Instead, they can pick colours for each element in the product.

  • Fabric modifier: When it comes to usage of leather products or fashion products every fabric has a different tone and look. Visual customizer act as style assistant for the end user in product selection by making it easy for them to try different combinations of material pattern and colour. Customers will be 100% fully aware how the final product looks.

Benefits of eCommerce Visual Customizer

  • Understand Your Customer

When you allow customers to design the product based on their personal preference, you can get the first-hand experience to understand their choice.

Customization engine act as a feedback look where you can get the pulse of your customer needs. Which helps you to design new products and plan product launches accordingly.

  • Reduce Bounce Rate

The massive pain point for store owners/eCommerce marketers is to keep the online visitors engaged with the website. That’s the reason we are witnessing high bounce rate in eCommerce stores when compared to non-eCommerce sites.

Having visual customizer by your side, you can quickly bring down the bounce rate and increase engagement rate, session rate. Which directly contributes to higher conversion rate.

  • Net Promoter Score

One key factor in building a loyal and thriving fanbase is to provide excellent customer experience; it starts with your online store.

With the help of online customizer, you can provide a great shopping experience for your customers. Since they have invested time in designing the product, there is a high chance of their creation getting shared in social media accounts

  • Upsell opportunity

We all know selling to an existing customer is much more possible rather than converting new client. Same applies to upselling as well. As a retailer, you have more natural opportunity to get more bucks from customers by providing merely the customization option.

Next Steps

This blog post has given you an understanding of Product Visual Customizer and how you can provide excellent product personalization option to your customer in their buyer’s journey.

Now is the time to find product customization software which helps you provide seamless customization option with compromising on your brand image.



Prabhu is a Digital Marketer at Productimize. He takes care of content creation and distribution through social channels.

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