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According to US Census Bureau, the eCommerce sales until Q3-2017 has peaked to %115.3 bn and that stands 15.5% higher than the same quarter a year ago.


Also, it’s expected to cross $250b and even beyond at the end of this decade, 2020. If this trend happens to continue and grow – we believe this will grow exponentially – then people, 30 years from now, would absolutely never buy anything physically using the paper cash.

To catch up with this eCommerce trends in 2018,  Businesses are striving hard, throwing everything they have got, to stay in the race of getting customers onboard.

After a day or two’s tedious research and brainstorming, we’ve come up with this blog to summarize the emerging trends and prospects of eCommerce industry for 2018 and beyond.

Hey CEO’s, Marketers, and aspiring entrepreneurs out there read along. Implementing these ideas could bring a million dollars or much more raining.

Same-day delivery

According to a recent study, more than 60% of online consumers expect 1-3-hour shipping options. At least 77% of consumers expect guaranteed weekend or after hours shipping options. On the other hand, only 30% of the retailers provide this option. What do you incur from this? Making consumer content and satisfied with the kind of service he expects is of paramount importance.


Source: Business Insider

Surprisingly, 30% of the consumers are ready to pay extra for sooner or scheduled delivery. One of the healthy examples is Amazon Prime.

Dynamic Shopping experience

We all could see clearly that bigger brands, nowadays, aren’t just selling their products, they are offering memorable experiences and interactions, be it in-store or over the internet.

These bells and whistles are key to transform an average joe to brand-loving fanboy. Retailers need to fish out innovative ideas to offer unique experiences to customers.

We’ve come up with few ideas that are already working super fine and are expected the trends further.


A recent study from Gartner predicted that by the end of 2020, 85% customer support will be handled by chatbots. Though the Artificial Intelligence thing seems to be scary, thanks to Elon Musk and few other Sci-fi fantasies, one thing pretty astounding about them is their ability to learn and evolve.

Source: Chatbots Journal

Chatbots will indeed be useful in answering customer queries, helping them choosing products, letting them know about alternate options, provoking them to try other products, engaging them 24/7 and the objectives are unimaginable.

Product customization

With Globalization at its peak, it’s pretty much possible to buy products manufactured from across the world without any difficulties whatsoever. Thanks to the Internet, just a click of a button and the product will reach buyers’ doorstep before they even know it.

What Next? A trend among consumers, nowadays, is that they love to buy products with a personal touch. This is where Product Customization knocks in.

From Rolex watches to Rodeo caps everything can be personalized per customer’s want. Incorporating a product customization software to your eCommerce website will be a most-loved add-on to your website.

To know more about Product Customization Software check out Productimize.

Clearer product information

A recent study across 2000 online shoppers found that 47% of them were in a dilemma before checking out because they couldn’t find proper information or photos of the product. Uncertainty is a huge hindrance to online shoppers. More the information and pictures, more certain the buyer would be.

Source: Turf & Needle

It’s advisable for eCommerce websites to let data aggregators fetch and display maximum information about every product: pictures, 3D visualization, descriptions, price, comparisons, specifications, SKU, UPC codes, reviews, and comments, to name a few.  

Enhancing the mobile experience to next level

It’s already known that mobile and tablet responsive apps are gaining more popularity and ever-increasing revenue is happening here.

Source: stonetemple

In coming years, eCommerce websites might slow down gaining traffic to eCommerce apps. Apps-generated revenue is expected to grow by at least 20% within the very next year.

Key takeaways:

  • Implementing Progress Web Apps (PWAs) is of high priority.
  • Less cash, more digital payments. Providing digital wallets and cashless transaction options will give a hassle-free experience to the customer.
  • Attractive rewards, cashback, and offers will still do big magic.
  • Innovative ways of engaging and interacting with the customer through the mobile application can bring a big change in conversions.    

Say NO to Untidy look. Say YES to visually beautiful websites

More Untidy and Cluttered the website, Easier the customer gets lost. If the shopper feels hard to navigate the website, then design and user experience have to take the blame indeed. Let me show you few examples of how clean and visually stunning few websites have changed over the years.

Influencer marketing

In recent times, one particular term that has created quite a huge buzz among marketing community is “Influencer Marketing”.

Brands have started using highly influential people to reach customers through all the social media platforms possible – Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YikYak, and more.

Though the industry has already seen this kind of marketing activity through Hollywood and sports celebrities, they were mostly on billboards and TV advertising. Now that all those are almost dead, the emerging ad hub is social media.

This kind of Influencer Marketing in social media platform is witnessing better ROI compared to other channels.

I’m proud and glad to quote my idol marketer Gary Vaynerchuk quote “Influencer marketing is the most underrated marketing channel”.

It’s expected of bigger brands to invest a lot in social media influencer marketing in the upcoming years.

We here at Productimize want our customers and every other eCommerce business to keep up their race and make respective consumers happy and satisfied. We’d be glad to help in making your dream business coming out with flying colors.



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