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33rd US president Harry S. Truman famously said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

I can’t stress more than Truman on the importance of reading. However, you don’t need to be a voracious reader to become a great leader in 2018. Don’t get me wrong, reading books can make a huge impact but if you are like most entrepreneurs who work more than 50+ hours then its tough to find time for a book.

Still, you can keep up with your industry, understand deeply about business which made a massive impact on human race and you can learn from veteran business moguls by listening.

When it comes to listening you have two options, one is Audiobooks and another one is Podcasts.

Unlike textbooks and video, you don’t need to sit in a quiet place to consume; you can listen to them on the go. Moreover, you can listen to them while doing some repetitive or boring tasks like the daily commute.

In this blog post, we have listed down few podcasts which talk exclusively about eCommerce business and teaches you how to take your online retail business to the next level.

Podcasts For E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Nerd Marketing eCommerce Podcasts

If you are looking for actionable advice to grow your eCommerce business, then this one is for you. As someone who has built and sold his eCommerce store, podcast host Drew knows the nuts and bolts of the online game.

Nerd Marketing podcast is particularly worth listening to. Don’t take our words, check out his about section on his website and then consider.


There are professionals, and there are veterans. ECOMCREW podcast hosts are veterans. Podcast host Dave and Mike have three decades of experience in between them in eCommerce and online marketing field.

The ECOMCREW  podcast has over 150 podcasts and running actively. Recently Mike

took up a challenge of building an ecom business from scratch and make it 1 million dollars in revenue within 12 months.

Did he succeed in the million dollar challenge? I don’t want to break the suspense, here is the link to the episode where they discuss in detail about the thought process they followed in choosing the right product and why they send traffic to their product listing in Amazon to increase organic ranking.

Shopify Masters Podcast

Just the podcast name says it all. Though eCommerce entrepreneurs are well aware of Shopify brand, they arrived at podcast game little late.

As the show host, Felix Thea delivers actionable advice to online store owners of all sizes and he covers topics in broad range topics, starting from choosing a product for dropshipping to creating a Facebook funnel. Regularly they invite entrepreneurs of sizes to share their story with their audience.

Podcast link: Shopify Masters

eCommercefuel Podcast

As a web designer and e-commerce entrepreneur, Leighton Taylor offers up ton of easy to impement strategies and interviews with some top entrepreneurs.

The EcommercePulse Podcast covers a range of topics including finding a niche, choosing a shopping platform, building your site, purchasing inventory, building traffic, conversion optimization and marketing automation.
Leighton keeps things practical and easy to understand meaning this is the perfect podcast for e-commerce entrepreneurs just starting out.

Feel free to share your favorite podcast in the comment section.



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