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One question which drives every new entrepreneur crazy is “How to bring more traffic to new online store”. As a store owner, you might have taken all the necessary steps to make the website work better, but what if you couldn’t bring traffic? There is no point in expecting a high ROI(Return on Investment) then.
Good thing, you don’t need to be a great digital marketer to bring in few hundred eyeballs to your store. With some basic knowledge, you can drive significant traffic.

Easy Ways To Bring Traffic To New Online Store

In this blog post, we’ve covered few easy to implement marketing strategies you can use to get exposure without investing more on marketing.

Facebook Page:

Invite friends and family to like your store’s Facebook page. When you invite them to your facebook page, there is a possibility for them to visit your store. If they find it interesting, they may end up making a purchase.

Facebook Groups:

Do some research and find what kind of groups does your audience hang out. Try to reach out to the group admin and ask permission for your store promotion.

Influencer Marketing: 

One of the most undervalued marketing technique is utilising highly influential people for product promotion.

 Instagram is the number one platform for influencer-based marketing.

To find influencers in your industry- try hashtag search and look out for people who consistently publish content related to your audience. Now look what kind of engagement they get for their posts.


The easiest way to bring in traffic is by executing giveaways for your target audiences. When you are planning for a competition, make it as easy as possible for anyone to participate.

Once you finalise the giveaway, create a killer landing page. You can create a highly optimised landing page using the tools like Instapage, Unbounce and choose from their pre-built templates.
Email Blast: Write about your new business and reason for starting and send it over to contact list in your email id. Make sure you have bold CTA (call to action) button.
Join Tweet Chat: Participate in Tweet Chat with your ideal audience. Please don’t try to promote your product during the chat; it will backfire.
When you take part in a tweet chat, try to provide as much value as possible. Higher the value you give, greater the chance of acquiring quality followers.
We have just scratched the surface; you can come up with a lot more creative ways to promote your store without spending much. Don’t hesitate to try new channel for product promotion. In theory, few channels may not work. Unless you give it a try, you can’t conclude.
Don’t forget to write your favorite marketing channel in the comment section.



Prabhu is a Digital Marketer at Productimize. He takes care of content creation and distribution through social channels.

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