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Shopify is a wonderful ecommerce platform enriched with variety of apps that seamlessly integrated with shopify to help you grow and scale your business.

Productimize on the other hand empowers customers  to custom products based on their unique needs. Productimize itself has its own unique way of customization in bringing out the customers desired product. To increase the sales quite higher, productimize app can be integrated with your Shopify store in just few clicks.

  • Upon clicking the productimize app asks for a shopify domain url.
  • Provided the domain url will install the app in the respective shopify store.
  • The installed productimize app will be listed under the Apps section in the store admin.

Admin Configuration

Productimize admin is integrated with variety of options for creating a customization piece, options to configure text attributes and cliparts.

Merchants has also been provided with the options for checking out the list of custom orders made in their store.

Customization with productimize is made simpler with the following steps.

Domain Registration

  • To make use of productimize customizations, merchant has to register their domain in productimize cloud by clicking on Get License option.
  • This will redirects to the Productimize registration page.

  • Upon registration, merchant will be mailed with the license and their expiry date for the registered domains.
  • Generated License key should be validated by updating it in the corresponding field under Configuration tab.
  • The shopify domain has been given access to create custom products only after validating the license key.

Theme Customization

  • With Shopify, it is easy to make basic design changes to your theme.
  • During installation, the productimize itself will creates a necessary liquid templates in the published theme of the shopify store.
  • Productimize app creates a new liquid template as an alternate for product template that will appear for customizable products.
  • Merchant can customize those liquid templates in their desired own way for better look and feel at the frontend.

I hope you got a fair idea about our integration with Shopify. If you are interested to setup customization for your store, fell free to reach out to us.

sowmiya s

sowmiya s

Sowmiya has huge knowledge on platforms like RoR, Python, Django and oardova. She is passionate about Shopify apps, theme customization and life long learner.

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