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Online shopping is so much more than just browsing and buying. It is about the experience of how customers feel the moment they step into your online store. How cool would it be if your site visitors could see the products listed in 3D view, giving access to every edge and detail?

Well, it would be even cooler if we mix up 3D Visualization and Product Customization to give customers a breathtaking online shopping experience like never before.

The Rise of Custom Products

Customized products are better for both – customers and business.

Product Customization is playing a major role in the success of today’s eCommerce Industry. Giving options for the shopper to design how the product looks did revolutionize the online shopping trends. And the industry itself. Also, customers getting EXACTLY what they want will be a thumbs up for Brand Loyalty, increase conversions, and lessen product return rates.

Studies also say, adding customization to your product suite can boost your sales. Above all, customers are okay paying more for custom products. That is how much the demand for custom products is.

Let’s take a look at how 3D Visualization will enrich the product customization process for online shoppers.

Make Customization Experience Even Better

No doubt, Product Customization, when launched, shook the world away with the kind of new options it gave for the online shoppers to design the product, the way they love it.


Just like everything, product customization is also continuous innovation, and yes, there do exist some elements which don’t affect the customization process. But if they are enhanced, then, that would give a world-class customization experience to the shoppers. And this is where 3D Product Customization comes into play.

3D Product Customization is a feature where the customers can see and design the product in a 3D view, real-time, taking a look at every detail of the product, and adding whatever the customers wish.

Customize Products in 3D ViewWith the advancement of technology, most computers and mobiles became capable of showing the 3D content of the web, making it simpler for online stores to launch this feature. All customers have to do is open the site, and the 3D view awaits!

Usually, products are displayed in 2D, giving limited view access during customization. But 3D breaks the glass by allowing the customer to see the product anywhere. This makes the process more engaging, and the customer can customize the products without much confusion as the edits are instantly displayed.

The 3D products give the viewer a ‘real world’ feel of the product. Intricate details such as metals, premium fabrics, the cloth used, and more, can be seen close by the customer.

Sounds exciting, right? Want to add 3D Visualization to your online store? Get in touch with us right away!

3D Product Customization with AR Technology

AR (Augmented Reality) is one of the influential technological breakthroughs of the 21st century.

Viewing the digital content sitting on to the real world will change our perception of how we see the world. By using AR technology, online stores can push the boundaries and take 3D customization to the next level.

3D customization with AR is going to play a vital role in revolutionizing the buying experience of the product. We will have to accept this, hands down.

3D Product Customization with AR TechnologyFor example,

  1. A shopper customized the sofa using the 3D visualization and saves the design before proceeding to the next step.
  2. The customer can now view (place) the customized sofa in their living room using AR to see how it looks and whether it fits.

Such experiences give confidence to the buyer and also helps to gain quick insights into how the product would be.

3D Visualization with AR will drastically reduce product return rates.

Merchants can also use AI induced technology like Recommendation Engine. Using this, an online store can scan the living room (or any space for that matter) in real-time and recommended a pre-customized sofa, which would slide into the existing interiors. This way, online shopping becomes simpler, and also, options are put forth for the customers to choose.

Innovating often, catching up with new trends, and exceeding customer thoughts is what helps brands survive and grow in this stiff marketplace. The time is perfect to launch Product Customization with 3D Product Visualization. Contact us now for a demo, and let’s get things rolling to create amazing product customization experiences.

Sabhareesh AK

Sabhareesh AK

Sabhareesh is a AR and VR Developer who is passionate about Graphics Programming and technology. He loves to go see the world.

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Thanks for the information, I have also 3d architectural visualization for customization of furniture.