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Many industries are seeing the benefits of mass customizing their products, allowing them to give customers and clients a product specific to their wants and needs for the same time and money costs as a mass-produced item. Indeed, the ability to build a product for one specific customer without charging him or her thousands of dollars extra is revolutionary, and the concept is applicable to many industries—the food industry (Subway: Have it your way) the hospitality industry (think hotels), the clothing industry (Nike,Reebok,Levis), and more. One industry well-suited to mass customization is the healthcare industry. Here’s a look at the benefits of mass customization in healthcare.

Healthcare facilities serve a diverse range of people with varying needs, wants, and preferences. Moreover, the environment is stressful. Nobody wants to be in a hospital. Patients don’t want to be on a hard hospital bed. Family members don’t enjoy watching a loved one struggle or feel pain. Try hard as healthcare designers and staff might, the healthcare experience can never be great because the reasons for being there in the first place aren’t exactly wonderful.

With this in mind, though, healthcare designers and product manufacturers can do their best to make the experience as good as possible, and this begins with the products. Patients want an experience suited to their needs and wants. They want some control of their room, of their bed, of their care. Products that allow this kind of patient-centered care is the most efficient way to achieve this. Further, products that enable staff to adjust the product to meet their needs and make their work more accommodating and efficient enhances the patient experience, making it the best it can possibly be.

Customizable products

Customizable products have worked their way into many sectors and industries. When incorporated in a manner that makes sense for both the business and the customer, customized products are a win for all. But how is that could be achieved?

For the business creating the product, the customization must be cost-effective. If customization will cost the business or manufacturer hundreds of dollars extra in engineering time, labor and material cost, it’s not necessarily a great option for the business. The same is true for the customer. A customized product shouldn’t cost them triple the price of a mass-produced item, and it shouldn’t take twice as long to receive the customized product either.

Customization of healthcare offers a clear way for brands to engage more deeply and effectively with the people they serve. Customization doesn’t just mean picking the color of your new iPhone. It’s a powerful tool for getting to know the patients you serve and adjusting to their unique situation. Customization in healthcare enables professionals to understand their patients and provide care that is more personal, effective and informative.

Recently, wearables have emerged as a customization approach celebrated by health-focused brands, like the Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit. Yet, one company has taken these health trackers to a new level of personalization. Benecure harnesses the data from these wearables to customize programs that help users manage chronic conditions. Using the information captured by the wearable, Benecure evaluates how closely the user is following a physician’s recommended instructions. The more closely the user adheres to suggested activities, the closer they get to receiving rewards, like free gym sessions or fresh food deliveries. Linking day-to-day personal behaviors to pre-determined healthcare goals enables users to feel a sense of control through the customized application. Benecure goes a step beyond the basic wearable to deliver a clearer, more personalized path to wellness

How Productimize Helps To Customize Products In Healthcare Industry

Our customization engine Productimize can help you start health care business, which allows you to sell customized healthcare products. You get to choose wide variety customization options like choosing the color, texture, adding custom text, logos, message and uploading your own image.

Customizing Patient Ward Room

Healthcare experience can never be great because the reasons for being there in the first place aren’t exactly wonderful. Patients want an experience suited to their needs and wants. customization of healthcare furniture and headwalls based on their choice. They want some control of their room, of their bed, of their care. Productimize allows this kind of patient-centered customization.

Patient ID Wristbands

Customize your wristband by printing your hospital name, logo, message, Serial numbers, or choose your own image to upload.

Customizing Surgical Apparels

You can customize surgical apparels by your choice you can choose the color, the texture of the material add your custom text or logos and you can upload your custom image too.

Customizing Surgical Tools

You can even customize the surgical tools like the shape of the tools(sharp or curved)and based on the sizes too. A customer can visually customize the products based on his choice.

So what are you waiting for? Try out our product customizer Productimize and make a name in the healthcare industry by improving-patient-experience and make them feel valued.

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