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Current eCommerce industry has come a long way in terms of technology, but in reality we are just starting. Only 10% of commerce happens online across the globe. Since more and more companies are leaning more towards digital platforms to acquire new customers, having a user friendly eCommerce website is crucial for any organization While many retailers focus purely in launching their online store, there are a few common mistakes which can help retailers to win new customers and increase sales.

Today we would like to point out a few of the common mistake retailers make while building their online store.

Low Quality Images: Visuals play a vital role in the online store. Many retailers try to do cost reduction by using low-quality images or hiring non-professional photographers for the product photo shoot. While it saves a lot of money to do a casual photo shoot, the amateurish photographs have a high chance of customer rejection since photographs are the only way for the customer to experience your product.

Lack Of Trust Factor: Since it has become more easier for anyone to build and launch an online store, online users are very skeptical about new brands.

73% people feel shopping online is riskier than offline.

You can add two things to win your visitors trust and turn them into customers.

  1. Add genuine testimonials to your site. While incorporating testimonials try to add the customer’s name with a clear picture and location
  2. Use security badge to showcase that your website is a safe place for customers to share their personal details without giving a second thought. Brands like Blue Fountain Media saw 42% increase conversion rate after placing Verisign trusted seal in their contact form.


Poor Customer Support: Major reason for Amazon’s astounding success is their customer centric approach in everything they do. Starting from one click checkout, same day delivery and their new initiative Prime Wardrobe where users can order bunch of clothes online, try them at their home, keep the one they like and return back the remaining ones.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos  famously said “We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.”

Source: Invesp

So while developing a new eCommerce store, retailers should keep in mind that online users should not have any trouble finding your help desk whether it’s your helpline number or live chat. As your competitors are just one click away, make sure it’s easy to reach your customer support team.

Mobile First: Undoubtedly, mobile dominates in the digital world. And not having a mobile responsive website is making your own way for disaster. A Gartner report stated that “U.S. Customers’ Mobile Engagement Behavior Will Drive Mobile Commerce Revenue to 50% of U.S. Digital Commerce Revenue”. It is expected to be doubled by 2020. With the advent of Progressive Web Apps we are slowly shifting our focus to a mobile-first approach.

Source: Learn Percolate

These are some of the few common mistakes which results in customer dissatisfaction in the past few years. Rectifying these mistakes will surely help retailers in bridging the gap between a good user experience to a great user experience.




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