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At Productimize, our relationships with clients reside outside the boundaries of the business. There are endless examples where the clients stood by us and vice versa, for the sheer sake of mutual trust and admiration towards what we do. Recently, DCKAP’s Productimize had the opportunity to exhibit some of our client’s products in a conference, and we left no stone unturned.

IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition) is a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce needs. This conference and trade show offers everything your business needs to stay ahead of your competition, all in one single location. This year, IRCE @ RetailX took place in Chicago on June 9-11, 2020.

IRCE 2019

Apart from various stalls, where 1,000’s of brands exhibit, there are also representatives from across the globe to share the latest things from the world of eCommerce, technicalities, thought leadership, marketing strategies.  It provides a chance to network with the who’s who of eCommerce.


Custom Products at IRCE 2019


We never miss an opportunity to spread the good word about our clients.

DCKAP’s Productimize was stationed at Booth #1158, showcasing our custom products and services with live demos, sharing relevant case studies, and handing out some very cool swag at the booth.


It was an excellent opportunity to showcase and interact with the 1,000+ retail executives who walked in and stopped by to learn more about the products we had on display. It was amazing what a little bit of customization did to make these products (and ourselves) feel special.

As every executive visited, our expert team explained the spurge of Product Customization and the kind of impact it is creating in the eCommerce sphere. Not to forget the ever-rising demand in customized products across the globe, as 69% of Americans say they have purchased a product online and 36% of consumers look forward to buying customized products. These statistics clearly show that online sales have climbed exponentially, and it shows no signs of stalling. No doubt, Product Customization is here to stay.

The team at Productimize would like to say “Thank You” to our amazing clients once again. Gratitude to Pencils, Blue Sky, Sseko Designs, Susan Lanci Designs, and Shebeest for offering their products to be put on display at IRCE 2019. Below, we provide a glance into the brands and the customization we generated for them.

Pencils has been in the industry for over 100 years, and they are the industry’s leading wood supplier. They looked for our help when they wanted to offer their online shoppers customizable pencils.



Productimize integrated customization options which let shoppers add text and cool mascots on the pencils. We ensured the edit would be displayed in real-time on the same window. All this was done with an easy UI to create the best shopping experience. Read more about this project.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is the #1 planner brand in the United States. They deliver exclusive, premium, and personalized planners to the masses. What started as a simple idea 16 years ago, now has over 13 million users annually.

The customization Productimize offered comprised of an easy-to-use interface so customers would be able to upload their own cover images or choose from the dozens already available in the gallery. They can now customize the name frame style, color, and fonts; and they can also customize interior colors and formats.

Our customization led to a 20% increase in sales. Take a look at the complete story of how it all unfolded.

Sseko Designs

Sseko Designs is a “not-just-for-profit” eCommerce fashion brand. The brand employs Ugandan women to make beautiful sandals, thereby providing a means to pay for their education and to pursue their dreams.


Productimize gave an endearing visual appeal of the whole process by letting customers engrave their name, select the size and color, providing image rendering options, dynamic pricing, and more. We feel proud to be associated with this journey which strives to make a difference in the community.

Read the full impactful story to understand how Productimize steered Sseko Designs towards a 100% increase in sales with personalization.

Susan Lanci

Susan Lanci Designs is a luxury online dog boutique. The company’s credo is to offer dog accessories with the perfect fit, highest quality, utmost comfort, superior safety, and of course the greatest style.

Susan Lanci

Productimize built a full-scale, product customization interface to suit different types of harnesses. The best thing is the immersive UI across mobile devices. It offers an intuitive experience that’s nothing less than making a simple online purchase – with a couple of clicks.

They also saw a 9% increase in conversion after the customization. Learn more about the project.


Developed by and for women riders, Shebeest is dedicated to delivering cycling wear with impeccably tailored, on-the-bike fit and performance-boosting technical features without compromising on the flattering, feminine style.


This is a project where the style meets strength, and Productimize was bestowed with the opportunity to design cycling apparel where customers can choose the color, texture, collar pattern, etc. from the endless vibrant options available, to design what they desire.

Thank You, IRCE!

On the whole, IRCE 2019 was an enriching experience where we had an amazing platform to showcase the customized products made with Productimize, as well as discuss personalization and more with like-minded people who share the love for eCommerce and Product Customization as much as we do.

We can’t wait for next year to fill our stalls with many more adorable and excellent customized products.

Want to integrate product customization to your online store and offer effluent customization services to your customers? Check out what Productimize Ultimate offers, and we will be right there with you from the start, to launch and help your brand venture into newer horizons.

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